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This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 19

1914 Germany and Britain asked Ottomans for oil concessions in Mosul and
            Baghdad provinces
1937 Pan-Arab military officers withdrew their support for head of army Gen Bakr Sidqi
1981 UN Resolution 487 condemned Israel’s destruction of Iraq’s Osirak
            nuclear reactor
1988 Iraq captured Mehran Iran then handed it over to Mujahedeen e-Khalq’s National
            Liberation Army
1996 UN and Iraq began talks on allowing UN inspectors access to sensitive sites
1996 Dep PM Aziz told UN inspectors they got most of their intel from US and UK
            that were trying to remove Saddam
1996 Dep PM Aziz told UN inspectors they made sensitive visits to provoke a crisis
            at behest of US and UK
(Musings On Iraq article on UN weapons inspections)
1998 UN Res 1175 increased Iraq’s oil export quota to $5.3 bil under Oil For Food
            program Allowed importation of equipment to maintain oil industry
2002 US told UK that it was ready for its input on military planning against Iraq
2002 Gen Franks briefed Bush on war plans
2003 Rumsfeld said that US only fighting small groups of dead enders in Iraq Tried to
compare insurgency in Baghdad to murder rate in Wash DC to say it wasn’t bad
2003 Wolfowitz told Congress insurgents were “last remains of a dying cause”
2003 US forces found an old buried centrifuge Claimed proof that Iraq had a nuclear
            weapons program
2003 US denied that captured Iraqi trailers were anything but mobile weapons labs
            Inspections showed they werent
2003 White House acknowledged that State Dep intel questioned whether captured
            trailers were WMD labs
(Musings On Iraq article on mobile labs story)
2003 New Republic on Iraq-Niger uranium deal Said Cheney got docs on deal from
            UK Asked for more info leading to trip to Niger Docs did not come from British
2003 New Republic article used Fmr Amb Wilson as unnamed source who said White
            House knew Niger story was a lie
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2006 Bodies of 2 US soldiers kidnapped by Mujahedeen Shura Council in Baghdad
2008 ISF launched Op Promise of Peace against Sadrists in Maysan
(Musings On Iraq article on Op Promise of Peace)
(Musings On Iraq article on Sadr’s strategy)
2009 speaker of KRG parliament said KDP and PUK taking $30 mil of KRG budget
            for themselves
2009 2 British guards kidnapped and killed by Asaib Ahl Al-Haq returned to British
            embassy In return AAH members released from prison
2010 Protest in Basra over power shortages 1 demonstrator killed by police
2010 Sahwa leader in Diyala warned that ISI using carrot and stick against sahwa
            members in attempted comeback in province
2011 Def Sec Gates blamed Iran for giving weapons to Special Groups who were
            attacking US forces before withdrawal
2011 1st Iraqi army unit received artillery from US
2011 Maliki govt accused Communist party and civil groups for protests in Baghdad
2011 2 killed in electricity protests in Basra
2012 Report Iran trying to stop no confidence vote against Maliki
2012 Maliki said Exxon deal with KRG could lead to break up of Iraq Baghdad asked
            US for help to stop deal
2012 Maliki’s media adv said Baghdad would stop any KRG-Exxon oil deal that
involved disputed areas
2013 Pres Barzani sent draft constitution back to KRG parliament for discussion
            and passage
2013 Iraqi army claimed it was responsible for split between ISIS and Al Nusra in
            Syria because it controlled Iraq-Syria border
2013 Iraqiya Diyala-Sadr list formed new govt in Diyala shutting out State of Law
2013 State of Law held protests against new govt in Diyala Militias blocked roads
            around Baquba
2013 State of Law and local lists alliance formed new govt in Karbala Sadrists and
            SIIC shut out
2013 State of Law won head of council in Karbala Sadrists boycotted session
2013 All 12 provinces that had elections formed new govts
2014 Maliki ordered govt to pay salaries and benefits to Hashd
2014 State Dept’s McGurk denied US was pushing for removal of Maliki
2014 ISIS set up 8 courts in Mosul to run city Was pushing out other insurgent
            groups that helped take city
2014 Sadr offices announced taking volunteers for new Peace Brigades to
            fight insurgency

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