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This Day In Iraqi History - Feb 17 PM Maliki claimed most of the 511 candidates banned from 2010 election were fmr Saddam era intel officers who were trying to infiltrate the govt



1915 UK forced to retreat from Muzaira, Basra due to bad weather and flooding

1917 British attacked Sannaiyat outside Kut but failed to take Ottoman positions Suffered 575 casualties

1981 UN Rep Palme went to Iran and Iraq for 3rd time to try to negotiate ceasefire

1986 Iran started attack to gain more ground in Faw Peninsula in Basra

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1995 Temporary ceasefire made between PUK and KDP during civil war

(Musings On Iraq review The Kurds, A Modern History)

1998 Clinton told Pentagon US had to stop Iraq from getting WMD and nuclear weapons and Baghdad

had to allow unfettered UN inspections

2003 U2 spy planes began flying over Iraq for UN weapons inspectors

2003 Turkish parliament delayed vote to allow deployment of US troops for Iraq invasion due to

domestic opposition

2003 IAEA found that Iraq-Niger uranium docs were fakes

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2004 Sadrist representative Daraji said Sadr wanted peaceful protests against US occupation

(Musings On Iraq review The Triumph of the Martyrs, A Reporter’s Journey into Occupied Iraq)

2005 Report Iraqi Natl Guard and Peshmerga commander in charge of Kurdish Natl Guard units in

Ninewa said that Arabs needed to be treated roughly and with force otherwise they would rise up Kurdish soldiers said they didn’t trust Arab soldiers and would not take orders from their Arab officers

2007 3 car bombs in Baghdad killed 74 and wounded over 100

(Musings On Iraq review Voices From Iraq, A People’s History, 2003-2009)

2007 VP Hashemi called for Mahdi Army to be placed on terrorist list by US

2007 Report Mahdi Army staying off Baghdad streets as Surge started

2008 2 car bombs at Awakening meeting in Anbar killed more than 20

2008 Sadr announced end of truce with ISCI made in Oct 07 Didn’t stop fighting between two parties

2008 Report 2007 avg 200 attacks per day against ISF Start of 2008 only avg of 82 per day

2008 Report Almost half of displaced said they wouldn’t return to old neighborhoods because

demographics changed in civil war Baghdad’s Adil neighborhood 70% of violence caused by conflicts between returnees and squatters occupying their homes ISF helped Shiites keep homes by arresting Sunnis and not allowing families back

2008 US accused Iran of increased arms shipments to militias in Iraq Said ¼ of weapons caches found were

Iranian weapons for militias

(Musings On Iraq A History Of Iranian Weapons Shipments To Iraq Interview With Arkenstone Blog’s Galen Wright)

2010 Report US said security incidents down 83% from 2008 IED attacks down 80% from 2008 to

2010 Car bombs and suicide attacks down 92% from 2008 to 2010

2010 PM Maliki speech in Qadisiya Said most banned candidates were former intel officers under Saddam

who were trying to infiltrate parliament

2010 Report Dawa and ISCI TV stations running ads about crimes of Saddam as part of 2010

election campaign Maliki made Baathist return his main issue

2010 PM Maliki called for majority govt instead of national unity one after 2010 election Kurdish

Alliance rejected idea Said govt was failing because Maliki an autocrat

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2011 PM Maliki promised to end Iraq’s electricity problems in 15 months Didn’t happen

(Musings On Iraq Maliki Fires Iraq’s Electricity Minister, As Scapegoat For Summer Blackouts)

2011 Protests in Sulaymaniya began demanding reform in KRG Attacked KDP HQ Fired upon by guards

killing 2 Protest in Irbil broken up by force Gorran offices attacked in 5 cities 1 of its TV stations banned

(Musings On Iraq interview with journalist Wladimir Van Wilgenburg on 2011 KRG protests)

(Musings On Iraq How Iraq’s Kurdistan Broke Up Two Months Of Protests)

2011 Report Article 102 of constitution said Human Rights Comm Election Comm Integrity Comm were

independent and under parliament Article 103 said Central Bank Board of Supreme Audi Communication Comm and Endowment Comm also independent Jan 2011 Supreme Court said they were all under cabinet because were executive offices Was most controversial court ruling since 2003 Rulings helped PM Maliki Court ruled largest block could be formed after 2010 election Meant Allawi wasn’t winner and gave Maliki 2nd term as PM

2011 500 protested in Wasit Called for governor to step down and services 600 protested in Basra

demanding governor resign Protesters in Dhi Qar set govt building on fire

2012 9 judge comm said that VP Hashemi and his bodyguards ran death squads for yrs Hashemi denied

everything Supreme Judicial Council said found 150 cases of attacks by Hashemis staff from 2005-11

2012 Mahoum Sarkhi offices set on fire Blamed on followers of Ayatollah Sistani

2012 Report MP on energy committee said $20 mil/day worth of oil smuggled from KRG into Iran

(Musings On Iraq Kurdish Smuggling To Iran)

2012 Youth groups attempted to protest in Sulaymaniya to mark 1 yr anniversary of 2011 protests Met by

security forces who beat them and some reporters Then arrested

(Musings On Iraq More On The Stifling Of February 2012 Protests In Iraq)

2015 Report Sadr froze his 2 militias the Promised Day Brigades and Peace Brigades after sheikh

kidnapped and killed Sunni bloc in parliament called for boycott Sadr warned against brazen militias Said if they weren’t under command of govt bad things would happen Said armed groups weakened govt Aimed at his rivals in Hashd

2015 Iranian news agency said another Iranian killed in Iraq fighting IS Died in Samarra Salahaddin

2016 Report Suleiman Beq Salahaddin freed more than 14 months ago but empty of people Hashd

occupied city Different brigades couldn’t agree on how to let people back Mostly under control of Badr that wanted to empower Shiite Turkmen Sr Badr member said wasn’t’ time to allow Sunnis back

2016 KRG accepted PM Abadi’s proposal that export oil for Baghdad and receive monthly budget

payments in return for govt workers

(Musings On Iraq Kurdistan and Iraqi Central Governments Still Arguing Over Budget)

2016 Head of Baghdad Ops Command said fake bomb detectors worked 30-40% of the time Said

Iraq would continue to use them

2017 Report Intl Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence released report on IS

finance Said since IS lost territory its finances went from $1.9 bil in 2014 to $870 mil in 2016 IS came to rely on taxes fees oil ransom looting extortion for money Those relied upon holding territory

2018 Report Some officials est 20,000 IS families with 100,000 people in Iraq Many held in special

camps Face threats and reprisals Some banned from returning to home areas East Tikrit and south Baghdad banned IS families from returning Anbar and Hawija dist in Kirkuk decided to stop returns Tribes and local authorities banned IS families in Salahaddin and Ninewa PM Abadi promised to protect IS families Jun 2017 Mosul council said IS families should be moved to camps

2018 Advisor to Ayatollah Khamenei said Iran would not allow liberals or communists to take

power Was reference to Sadr’s alliance with Communists during protests

2018 Iraq asked Turkey and Syria to release more water down the Euphrates and Tigris because of

drought fears Iraq said those two countries hadn’t followed water agreements

2019 Report Human Rights Observatory said 1000s of displaced unable to return ot Baiji dist

Salahaddin 3 yrs after freed People didn’t trust govt to provide jobs or security 12,000 homes destroyed 10,000 damaged Some security forces refuse to allow people to return

2019 Report US military said more than 1000 IS fighters fled Syria into western Iraq last 6


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