Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Sudani Latest PM To Claim He Will End Iraq’s Displaced Problem


At the end of January the Labor Ministry said that Prime Minister Sudani
wanted to end the displacement issue by the middle of the year. Previous governments have made similar announcements and failed.


PM Kazemi for instance said in 2020 he wanted to close all the displaced camps. He had the Displacement Ministry shut down several and forced people out but he wasn’t able to complete the task for a number of reasons. One was that the Kurdistan Regional Government did not follow Kazemi’s order and kept its camps open. Another is that there are thousands of people who are accused of being Islamic State families and are blocked from going home. Finally, the government does not have any viable plan to help people return. It always talks about rebuilding areas and providing services, etc. but they are rarely followed through with.


It seems like the government believes this is an issue which can easily be solved and the prime minister can claim success but it’s proven to be intractable. The fact that around one million people never went home from the civil war period is evidence of that. Just under a million are still displaced today and will likely have the same fate.




Bas News, “Iraq Says to Help All IDPs Return this Year,” 1/31/23


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