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This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 6


1920 UK Cabinet decided to send Sir Percy Cox to Baghdad to help deal with 1920 Revolt

1920 British military reinforcements began arriving in Basra mostly from India to deal with 1920


1920 Rebels in Karbala declared jihad against British during 1920 Revolt

(Musings On Iraq review Reclaiming Iraq, The 1920 Revolution and the Founding of the Modern State)

(Musings On Iraq review Enemy On The Euphrates, The Battle For Iraq 1914-1921)

1921 Gertrude Bell wrote that Iraq might be the best chance England had to straighten out

            the Mideast and if it worked it would change relations between Europe and Asia

(Musings On Iraq review Gertrude Bell And Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review Gertrude Bell, Explorer of the Middle East)

(Musings On Iraq movie review Letters from Baghdad)

(Musings On Iraq review Desert Queen, The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell: Adventurer, Adviser to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia)

1933 Assyrians captured by Kurds trying to return from Syria turned over to army and executed Gen

Sidqi said retaliation for Assyrian attack on army camp Rumors spread that Assyrians had blown up bridges and poisoned water

(Musings On Iraq review The Tragedy of the Assyrian Minority in Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review State and Society in Iraq)

1966 PM Bazzaz forced to resign Pushed out by officers who didn’t like him moving away

from Egypt and towards Turkey and Iran slowing down nationalization program and talks with Kurds

1981 Cuba China India Zambia PLO sent delegation to Tehran to try to end Iran-Iraq War

1983 Iranian forces attacked hills around Mehran Iran central front during Op Wa al-Fajr 3

(Musings On Iraq review Iran-Iraq War Volume 4: The Forgotten Fronts)

1986 Iraq air strike hit 5 of Iran’s 11 tankers at Kharg Island Iran’s main oil terminal

(Musings On Iraq review Iraqi Mirages, The Dassault Mirage Family In Service With The Iraqi Air Force, 1981-1988)

1988 Saddam said he would accept ceasefire to end Iran-Iraq if Iran would hold direct

talks Iran said no Saddam was trying to add his own demands to UN proposal

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Anthony Tucker-Jones on Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Tom Cooper on Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988)

(Musings On Iraq review Iran-Iraq War, The Lion of Babylon, 1980-1988)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq review The Longest War, The Iran-Iraq Military Conflict)

1990 U.N. Resolution 661 placed economic sanctions on Iraq for its invasion of Kuwait

1990 Iraq issued statement saying reports about its forces heading towards Saudi border were false

1990 Saddam met with US Charge De’Affaires Wilson Said he respected US interests and was not

going to attack Saudi Arabia Said invasion was to help Kuwaiti revolutionaries Said he never told Arab leaders he wouldn’t invade Kuwait He did

1990 US delegation convinced King Fahd to invite US troops to Saudi Arabia after

            Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait

1990 Bush authorized Def Sec Cheney to start deploying troops to Saudi Arabia

(Musings On Iraq review The Bush Administrations and Saddam Hussein, Deciding on Conflict)

1990 Bush met Thatcher Both agreed to confront Iraq

(Musings On Iraq review from storm to Freedom, America’s Long War with Iraq)

1991 Iraq told UN weapons inspectors that it worked on anthrax and botulin toxin as

            part of its biological weapons program

(Musings On Iraq UN Inspectors Were Right Iraq Was Not A Threat)

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s Rejection of UN Inspectors Led To Mistrust Over WMD and 2003 Invasion)

(Musings On Iraq review The Saddam Tapes)

1999 Jim Hoagland in WashPost reported Clinton Natl Sec Adv Berger told Iraqi

            opposition Clinton wanted Saddam removed by end of his term

2002 Nat Sec Adv Rice called Sec State Powell and told him he did a great job with Bush Said there should

be more discussions on what Iraq policy should be

(Musings On Iraq review Leap of Faith, Hubris Negligence, and America’s Greatest Foreign Policy Tragedy)

2002 White House Chief of Staff Card called Sec State Powell asking for same briefing on Iraq he’d given

Bush day before

2002 Natl Sec Adv Rice paper Liberation Strategy for Iraq Said goal was to transform Iraq into a

democracy Had no strategy on how to achieve that Said when US overthrew Saddam can’t act like an invader Had to pose war as a liberation of the Iraqi people Same time US would have to stay in Iraq for many years

(Musings On Iraq review What Happened, Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception)

(Musings On Iraq review Fiasco: The American Military Adventure In Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review Plan of Attack: The Definitive Account Of The Decision To Invade Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review The Assassins’ Gate, America In Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review State of Denial, Bush At War, Part III)

(Musings On Iraq review Hard Lessons, The Iraq Reconstruction Experience)

(Musings On Iraq US Army History of Iraq War Vol 1 – Chapter 3 Maneuvering Into


2002 Gen Franks told his commanders to switch to Hybrid War plan which could start immediately

(Musings On Iraq review Shaping the Plan for Operation Iraqi Freedom, The Role of Military Intelligence Assessment)

2003 US Iraq Cmdr Gen Sanchez said limiting arrests and raids looking for Baathists Said few returns and

angering Iraqis

(Musings On Iraq review The U.S. Army In The Iraq War: Volume 1, Invasion, Insurgency, Civil

War, 2003-2006)

2004 After 2 days of fighting in Najaf US claimed killed 300 Mahdi Army fighters

(Musings On Iraq A Divided Sadr Trend)

(Musings On Iraq review Battle For The City Of The Dead)

(Musings On Iraq review US Marines in Battle An-Najaf August 20014)

2004 Report US intel officers were involved in Abu Ghraib prison abuse

2006 Report ISF not able to secure Baghdad and US doubling troops in city from 7200 to 14200 to help


2006 PM Maliki created committee to implement Article 140 of constitution that would hold

referendum on future of Kirkuk Never completed its work

2007 KRG passed its own oil law Condemned by Baghdad

2007 Iraqiya’s 4 ministers started boycott of cabinet Were now 17 ministers total not going to Maliki


2007 US audit found couldn’t account for 190,000 rifles and pistols it gave to the ISF

2008 KRG moved 2 Peshmerga brigades outside Kirkuk city Baghdad sent Defense Minister to check on

situation Was protest over provincial election law that called for power sharing in Kirkuk

(Musings On Iraq Kurds Come Out Swinging)

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq After America, Strongmen, Sectarians, Resistance)

2008 US Govt report Iraq revenues up and could take more responsibility for reconstruction but most of

budget going to salaries and benefits and barely spending investment money Only 23% in 2005 19% in 2006 28% in 2007 Iraq was now outspending US however on reconstruction

(Musings On Iraq Iraq Outspends US on Reconstruction)

2008 Iran and Iraq signed trade agreement to create free trade zone Tehran one of Iraq’s top 2 trade partners

(Musings On Iraq Iraq-Iran Trade Agreement)

(Musings On Iraq Iran’s Policy Towards Iraq)

2008 Govt gave squatters 1 month to leave or be sued or arrested Would be given limited compensation Part

of PM Maliki’s displaced program to force people to return home Complaints that govt had no real plan or funding for program

(Musings On Iraq Baghdad Issues Ultimatum To Squatters)

(Musings On Iraq January 2009 U.N. Report On Iraq Refugee Returns)

2015 Protests in Karbala, Najaf, Baghdad, Basra, Hillah, Nasiriya and Rumaitha, Muthanna demanding


2018 9th day of sit in protest in Muthanna also demos at Safwan border crossing and West Qurna 1 oil field

in Basra Baghdad

2019 PM Abdul Mahdi gave into protests by 30th Brigade of Hashd who refused order to leave

Ninewa Plains and Mosul

(Musings On Iraq PM Abdul Mahdi Fails 1st Test Of New Hashd Order In Iraq)

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