Sunday, March 11, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 11

1917 British army captured Baghdad from Ottomans
1922 Wahabi Ikhwan from Saudi Arabia attacked south of Nasiriya slaughtering
1970 Bakr govt offered Kurds autonomy agreement after talks with KDP Offered
            self rule assembly recognized Kurdish language promoted Kurdish culture
1970 Autonomy agreement with Kurds allowed Kurdish vice president in Baghdad
            share of oil revenue
1970 Autonomy agreement Mustafa Bazani agreed to give up heavy weapons and
            have Peshmerga integrated into army
1970 Since fighting started in 1968 some 60,000 killed in Kurdish rebellion 300,000
1974 After talks with KDP broke down Bakr govt announced Autonomy Law for
Kurdisan which KDP rejected
1984 Report Iraq had 3 poison gas plants producing chemical weapons for Iran-Iraq
1985 Iran bombed Baghdad and 10 other Iraqi cities
1985 Iran started Op Badr trying again to cut Basra-Baghdad highway
1988 Iran and Iraq signed truce in war of cities in Ankara Didn’t last War of Cities
            went on for another month
1991 Shiite uprising in Hillah put down
1991 Rebels from Najaf met French forces who said they would meet Gen Schwarzkopf
            Never happened
1991 Kurdish uprising started in Irbil
1991 Massoud Barzani offered amnesty for soldiers who surrendered to Peshmerga
1991 Peshmerga began attacking Kirkuk, Iraqi army responded by taking hostages
            inside city
1992 Saddam said Kurds could not hold elections for parliament until they gave up
            protection of Coalition forces
1995 PUK suicide bomber hit KDP headquarters in Zakho
2002 Blair told Cheney UK would support US action to remove Saddam
2003 Rumsfeld said US could attack Iraq by itself without other nations Said British
            might not participate
2003 UK Embassy in US furious that Rumsfeld said British might not take part in
            war and complained to White House
2003 Rumsfeld forced to issue clarification saying British would take part in Iraq war
2003 Blair said Britain would help in any US attack upon Iraq
2003 UK acknowledged couldn't get 2nd UN resolution authorizing force against Iraq
            before US timetable for war
2003 UK Chief of Def Staff Adm Boyce said military needed legal directive for war
            with Iraq
2003 CIA assessment said it didn’t dispute IAEA finding that Iraq-Niger uranium
            docs were fakes
2003 CIA WMD division said it didn’t dispute IAEA finding that Iraq-Niger
            uranium docs were fakes and alays considered intel on story fragmentary
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 ORHA head Garner told press US would keep Iraqi army and would quickly
            turn over control of country to Iraqis
2003 When asked Garner dismissed talk about US turning over power to Chalabi
            and INC
2003 DepDefSec Wolfowitz and UnderSecDef Feith chastised Garner for comments
            about INC
2003 ORHA Chief later told by Pentagon he could no longer talk to the press
2003 Rice issued memo on postwar Iraq plans Said interim Iraqi authority would be
            created Meeting in Baghdad to be held to bring in more Iraqis to authority
2004 UK envoy to Iraq John Drawers said US had no leadership strategy or
2010 US captured ISI governor for Baghdad Rawi who provided intel to allow
            killing of ISI leaders Masri and Baghdadi
2011 KDP held rally against on going protests
2013 Anbar council voted to delay provincial elections there
2016 Sadrists protest again in Baghdad demanding reforms

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