Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 14

1925 Iraq deal gave Turkish Petroleum Company right to explore for oil in
            entire country
1951 Grenade hit American Cultural Center in Baghdad wounding some Jewish visitors 5th
            of 8 such attacks on Jews 1950-51
1981 Cuba’s foreign minister arrived in Lebanon as head of Non-Aligned Movement
            attempt to negotiate ceasefire in Iran-Iraq War
1983 Sec of State Shultz ordered US diplomat in Baghdad to discuss US financing
            trade deals with Iraq
1985 Iran fired SCUD missiles at Kirkuk War of Cities
1986 UN mission found that Iraq had used chemical weapons several times in Iran-Iraq
1988 Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Peshmerga launched Wa al-Fajr 10 capturing
            Halabja district
1991 Pres Bush warned Iran not to take advantage of Iraq uprisings to try to annex
            any territory
2002 Blair Adv Manning said Natl Sec Adv Rice committed to regime change in Iraq
2002 Blair Adv Manning said US working on strategic decisions on how to remove
2003 Rumsfeld told ORHA head Garner he was going to pick all the advisers
            that were going to run Iraqi ministries
2003 Iran’s national security adviser said US would not have a happy ending in Iraq
2003 French Pres Chirac told Blair he would not accept a UN resolution that set
            an ultimatum for Iraq disarmament
2003 NSC decided on language for ultimatum to Saddam Included 48 hour deadline to
            leave power pushed by Rumsfeld
2005 Netherlands withdrew its 160 troops from Iraq
2006 Iraqi police found 87 bodies dumped in Baghdad
2006 Report May-Jun 03 British worried of strategic failure in Iraq due to US mistakes
2011 Justice Min said it would close Camp Honor secret prison in Baghdad run
            by Maliki that used torture on prisoners Was not closed
2012 Ninewa council voted to freeze Article 140 that was to determine future
            of disputed areas
2012 Baghdad police held Russia Today reporters for 3 hrs because were doing story
            on emo killings in capital
2013 5 suicide bombers attacked Justice and Foreign Ministries, Communications
            Institute in central Baghdad
2015 operation to free Tikrit stalled due to high Hashd casualties
2016 State of Law MPs probably pro-Maliki said Sadr’s protests in Baghdad could
            be infiltrated by terrorists

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