Thursday, March 15, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 15

1935 National Brotherhood Party started revolt in Daghahara Led King Faisal to
            create new cabinet with Brotherhood Party
1981 Saddam said unless Iran agreed to ceasefire he would aid Iranian opposition
1985 Iraq carried out air raid on Tehran Iran fired SCUDs at Baghdad in War of Cities
1988 First detention center for Kurds displaced during Anfal campaign set up
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
1990 Iraq executed UK Observer journalist Batoft for reporting on missile program
            Condemned in West
1991 Rebels in Diwanaiya attempted and failed to take Hillah
1991 Saddam declared southern revolt over
1991 Iraqi govt forces began operation to retake Tuz Kharmato from Peshmerga
1991 U.S. shot down Iraqi fighter after warned it no flights allowed during uprisings
2003 Special Republican Guard withdrew $1 bil from Central Bank of Iraq under
            Uday Hussein to pay off sheikhs to put down expected rebellions
2003 Iraqi security forces tried to stamp out signs of Kurdish opposition in Kirkuk City
2003 ORHA head Garner told Sec Def Rumsfeld plan was only to dismiss top two
officials from each Iraqi ministry and not carry out any deBaathification policy
2003 Rumsfeld okayed Garner’s plan to not have deBaathification policy
2003 Rumsfeld complained Garner picked non-Pentagon people to run some Iraqi
            ministries Wanted them all from Defense
2003 CIA gave explosive to Kurdish team which blew up Mosul-Baghdad railway starting
            covert action campaign before invasion
2004 Bush told Blair Chalabi up to no good using deBaathification committee for
            his own ends
2005 Mahdi Army attacked college engineering students in Basra for having mixed male-
            female party in park Led to protests vs Sadrists
2005 Report leaked that Halliburton overcharged US for fuel imports to Iraq by more
            than $108 mil
2005 Italy announced it would withdraw its approximate 3,000 troops from Iraq
2005 Ukraine withdrew 130 of its soldiers from Iraq
2006 Iraq Study Group began creating alternative Iraq strategy for Bush admin
2012 One of Hashemi’s guards who had accused him of terrorism died in custody
            Authorities claimed kidney failure but pictures showed torture

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