Friday, March 23, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 23

1923 UK Iraq commission final report said British would not withdraw from Iraq
            Would lead to collapse of King Faisal and humiliation for British
1930 Nuri al-Said became PM, would hold office 8 times Went after opposition
            silenced press controlled parliament became favorite of British
(Musings On Iraq interview with Historian Phebe Marr comparing PM Said with PM Maliki)
1970 Communist leader in Baghdad Khadri found shot in street Baathists suspected
1974 Soviet Defense Minister Grechko arrived in Iraq to try to find compromise with
            Kurds Iran and US told Barzani not to make any deals
1975 Mustafa Barzani and around 100,000 KDP members left Iraq for Iran ending
            Kurdish revolt
1981 Iran said it would not accept ceasefire with Iraq as long as Saddam was in power
1985 Iran ended Op Badr failed attempt to attack Basra city Iraq 10-12,000 casualties
Iran 15,000
1988 PUK base in Sulaymaniya attacked in 2nd Anfal Campaign
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
1991 Sadoun Hammadi, a Shiite became premier as Saddam tried to appease Shiites
            while putting down uprising after Gulf War
1997 Memo told Iraqi officials to hide material, documents, equipment from U.N.
            weapons inspectors
2002 Joint Chiefs did paper drill running through Iraq invasion plan
2003 British commandos took control of Um Qasr port while heaving fighting
            continues in the town in Basra
2003 US attacked Nasiriya Heavy fighting led 29 marines killed
2003 US B-52 bombers carried out raids on Baghdad Iraqi govt claimed 106 civilians
2003 British Tornado jet is accidently shot down by US patriot missile killing 2 crewmen
2003 US soldier Jessica Lynch taken prisoner by Iraqi forces during invasion when her
            supply convoy attacked
2003 32 Apache helicopters sent on raid to destroy Reb Guard units in Karbala Turned
            back by Iraqi fire
2003 US forces reached outside Najaf Claimed they found WMD facility Story proved
2003 CENTCOM commander Gen Franks said no doubt Iraq had WMD
2003 White House said no question Iraq had WMD and that they would be found
2003 Intel agents leaked to press they felt pressured by White House to come up with
            intel to justify Iraq war
2004 Fmr Def Sec Cohen said head of Al Qaeda Sudan chemical plant met with
            Iraq chemical weapons scientist in 90s
2006 Report on captured Iraq docs Russian amb gave detailed info to Iraq on US
            invasion force and plans
2006 Report on captured Iraq docs Confirmed Iraq and bin Laden met in Feb 1995
            to talk about cooperation Iraq agreed to air bin Laden’s anti-Saudi tapes
2007 US House of Reps voted to set deadline for US withdrawal by 8/31/08
2007 Iran captured 15 UK Marines in Basra and offered to trade them for release of
            Asaib Ahl Al-Haq leader Qais Khazali
2007 IS attempted assassination of Dep PM Zubaie
2008 Mahdi Army in Sadr City started firing rockets into Green Zone
2011 National Reconciliation Commission claimed 5 insurgent groups agreed to
            put down arms and join political process
2012 ISI broke 19 of its men out of Kirkuk prison
2015 Hashd looted and destroyed 8 houses in Sadiya, Diyala Adviser to Diyala
            governor killed blamed on Hashd

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