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This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 25

1917 British forces defeated by Ottomans at Battle of Mount Hamrin, Diyala
1982 Iraq asked US to stop Israel from sending weapons to Iran US Said it had no
            say in matter
1982 Reagan admin officials warned that if Iran beat Iraq in Iran-Iraq War would
            endanger western interests
1985 US intel reports Iraq used chemical weapons in fighting in southern Iraq
1998 UN Res 1158 extended Oil For Food Program for another 90 days
2002 UK Foreign Sec Jack Straw told Blair no Iraq-Al Qaeda link and Iraq
            not more of a threat now than before 9/11
2002 Straw argued for following legal path against Iraq via U.N. resolutions
2002 CIA report said foreign govt told it Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2002 New Yorker article said Iraq supporting Al Qaeda via Kurdish Ansar al-Islam
2002 Kurds told New Yorker Al Qaeda’s Zawahiri met Saddam in 1992 Also that Iraq
            was sending WMD to Al Qaeda
2003 Information Minister Sahaf began giving press conferences claiming that U.S. was
            losing war
2003 Russian Amb to Iraq provided U.S. invasion plans to Baghdad including
            invasion routes
2003 UK and ISCI reported locals in Basra rose up against Saddam Fedayeen
2003 UK forces reported Iraqi army was firing mortars on civilians in Basra to put
            down anti-govt revolt
2003 British bombed Basra city
2003 British forces secured Um Qasr town in Basra
2003 British government confirmed its first two combat deaths in Iraq invasion
            killed in Basra province
2003 Heavy fighting between US forces and Fedayeen in Najaf during invasion
2003 US paratroops landed in Kurdistan and began working with Peshmerga
2003 US bombed Republican Guard positions south of Baghdad
2003 Retired generals in TV interviews began saying invasion wasn’t going well because
            didn’t have enough troops
2003 Report that Saddam was thinking of using chemical weapons when US forces
            attacked Baghdad
2003 NY Times facility found outside Najaf was not a chemical weapons site
2003 U.S. forces found chemical weapons gear in Nasiriya
2003 UK General recommended govt plan for its forces to stay in Iraq until March 2004
            for postwar operations
2004 UN proposed investigation into abuses of Oil for Food program
2005 State Dept told Congress wanted to reorganize rebuilding funds with more money
            for services and maintenance Didn’t think Iraq could sustain projects
2006 US Amb Khalizad told ISCI’s Hakim US opposed to Jaafari remaining as premier
Kurdish and Sunni parties were threatening boycott of govt if Jaafari remained in office
2006 Report on captured Iraqi docs said Iraq kept the image it had WMD because helped
            Iraq’s image in Arab world and deterred Israel
2006 Report on captured Iraqi docs Saddam told his top advisers there were no more
2006 Report on captured Iraqi docs Saddam thought France and Russia would stop war
            in UN If US did attack Iraq’s “warrior spirit” would be victorious
2006 Report on captured Iraqi docs Saddam thought internal revolt main threat to his
            regime not US invasion
2006 Report on captured Iraq docs Russian Amb gave Iraq detailed intel on US
            troops movements and invasion plans
2006 Report on captured Iraq docs Saddam thought Iraq winning when war almost over
            and wanted unconditional surrender by US led Coalition
2006 Report on captured Iraq docs Tape Powell played during Feb 03 UN speech
            was Republican Guard making sure area met UN inspections not hiding WMD
2007 4,500 tribesmen asked to join Ramadi police
2008 U.S. Seal team arrived in Basra to liaison with Iraqi forces during Charge of
            Knights op against Mahdi Army
2008 Curfew and vehicle ban imposed on Basra as part of Charge of Knights
2008 Mahdi Army seized 5 of 18 districts in Kut in fight against govt forces
2008 Fighting between ISF and Mahdi Army in Nasiriyah
2008 Mahdi Army kidnapped policemen belonging to Badr in Baghdad
2008 Sadrists protested in Samawa, Muthanna against Charge of Knights
2008 Sadr offices in Baghdad called for civil disobedience to protest Charge of Knights
            shut down 6 districts in capital
2008 Mahdi Army fired rockets at Green Zone
2008 Clashes between Mahdi Army and ISF in east Baghdad and between Mahdi
            Army and SIIC
2008 Fighting between Mahdi Army and police in Hillah
2008 Mahdi Army attacked Sistani and 2 Dawa office in Sadr City
2009 Iraqi embassy in Jordan announced program to register former soldiers who wanted
            to return to Iraq
2010 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq released US contractor it kidnapped Issa Salomi
2010 State of Law threatened lawsuit unless Election Commission made a recount
            of national vote
2010 State of Law members protested in Basra, Najaf, Karbala, Kut calling for recount
2011 ISF blocked all entrances to Tahrir Sq to try to block protests but happened
2011 Were protests in Baghdad, Najaf, Diwaniya, Kut and Hillah against corruption
            and lack of services
2011 Was 2nd protest in Tahrir Sq against reconciliation with former Baathists
2011 Prisoners in Rusafa Prison set up protest camp against poor conditions and
            sectarian warden
2012 VP Hashemi claimed ISF tortured one of his bodyguards to death during
2012 Pres Barzani said that Maliki was abusing his powers and not following Irbil
            agreement made after 2010 elections
2012 Pres Talabani called for reconciliation between Kurdish Alliance and Maliki
2012 Displacement Ministry said Europe was deporting Iraqi refugees and wanted that
            to stop
2012 Electricity Ministry said it would stop importing power in summer 2013 as
domestic production increased Didn’t happen
2013 Committee created to come up with laws to meet demands of protesters Never
2013 Turkey signed trade deal with KRG
2014 Militias held parade in Balad, Salahaddin which local officials tried to deny
2014 IS took over Nibai for one day and then left
2014 IS made call for declaring the caliphate as a trial balloon
2014 Transportation Ministry set up special flights to take ISF members from Mosul
            to homes in Baghdad to avoid attacks along highway
2014 Dozens of Sunni families fled Buhriz, Diyala after being attacked by militias
2015 Officials accused Diyala governor of stealing millions in aid meant for displaced
2015 Gorran presented 3 plans for renewing Pres Barzani’s term
2015 Fight in KRG parliament when KDP members attacked Gorran MPs over Pres
2015 Member of Salahaddin council accused Hashd of kidnapping 125 civilians
            from Dour
2015 US began air strikes on Tikrit Pro-Iran Hashd said they would not take part in op
to re-take city because of US involvement
2015 Hashd accused of blowing up houses and executing 4 civilians in Diyala
2015 2nd Diyala governor adviser killed blamed on Hashd

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