Tuesday, March 6, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 6

1922 King Feisal threatened to end Anglo-Iraq treaty talks if term mandate
            wasn’t dropped from Iraq
1959 Leftists announced creation of Peace Partisans in Mosul Up to 250,000 from all
            over Iraq arrived in Mosul Caused reaction by pan-Arab opponents of Qasim
1975 Iran Iraq Algeria foreign ministers met and signed Algiers Agreement to settle
            Iran-Iraq border issues
1981 Iran demanded Islamic Conference Organization determine aggressor in the war
1991 Saddam appointed cousin Ali Majid Interior Minister to put down uprisings
            after Gulf War
1991 State Dept spokesman said foreign powers should not get involved in Iraqi
            uprisings following Gulf War
1991 Kurdish uprising started in Kol Sanjaq
1992 Turkey said it would send troops into Iraq to stop Kurdish independence
1992 Saddam regime suspected of car bombing in central Sulaymaniya outside Kurdish
            party offices
1998 UN inspectors went to Special Republican Guard and Special Security Directorate
2002 Blair wrote article for UK paper saying Iraq had WMD and would use them
2002 Gen Franks briefed VP Cheney on which Middle East countries needed to be
            lobbied to help with Iraq invasion before trip to region
2002 CIA held meeting on covert and unconventional warfare capabilities against
2002 US war game held on political and military implications of Iraq invasion
2003 Bush TV address Said time running out on UN weapons inspectors Accused Iraq
            of hiding its WMD Bush said that he’d not decided on war when he had
2003 NatSecAdv Rice letter to Senator US had briefed UN on all suspected WMD
            sites Didn’t give info on 21 of 105 sites
2003 Blair was told UK should not try to administer post-war Iraq
2004 Report US intel dismissed reports that said Iraq had no WMD
2004 Report Bush chastised Rumsfeld over Abu Ghraib abuse scandal
2004 5 Shiite Iraqi Governing Councilmen refused to sign Transitional Administrative
            Law due to objections by Ayatollah Sistani
2006 Basra police surrounded 5 US govt workers Had to be rescued by security
2006 Iraq NGO report to US said over 700 Shiite families fled neighborhoods in
            Baghdad after Askari shrine bombing
2007 ISI attacked Badush prison, Ninewa freeing 68 prisoners
2007 Bombing in Hilla killed 120
2007 Ret Gen Keane told VP Cheney that Petraeus had re-invigorated US mission
            in Iraq
2011 Independent radio station in Kalar attacked by armed men for supporting protests
2014 Transportation Min Amiri turned around Middle East Airlines plane in flight so
his son who was late could get on
2015 Dour outside of Tikrit freed from IS
2016 Kurdish delegation met with Abadi demanding 20% of any new cabinet

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