Sunday, March 4, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Mar 4

1935 PM Aiyubi forced to resign over threat of tribal revolt in mid-Euphrates
organized by National Brotherhood Party Jamil al-Midfai became premier of Iraq 2nd time
1981 Islamic Conference Organization’s peace plan was rejected by both Iran and Iraq
1981 Italy authorized sale of 11 naval vessels and a floating dock worth $1.8 bil to Iraq
1984 Iraqi general quoted as saying that Iraq had right to use chemical weapons against
            Iran to defend itself
1987 Iran Op Karbala 7 in Haj Umran Kurdistan Made little gains
1991 Najaf and Kufa joined Shiite revolt after Gulf War
1991 Iraqi forces began retaking Basra from rebels
1991 Kurdish rebellion started in Raniya
1995 INC and PUK forces began attack upon Iraqi forces in planned uprising against
            Saddam but failed due to lack of US support
1995 CIA had supported INC plan but White House backed out in end KDP refused
            to join as a result 
1995 Saddam told of meeting with bin Laden in Feb Saddam agreed to broadcast anti-
            Saudi lectures Said future relations would be determined by more talks
1995 Feb meeting was only confirmed one between Iraq and al Qaeda
2001 US told UN Sec Council Iraq had been reselling supplies from Oil for Food
            program setting up front companies giving kickbacks to get around sanctions
2002 State Dep intel memo sent to Powell and DIA Didn’t believe Niger would sell
            uranium to Iraq
2003 UnderSecDef Feith briefed Bush and NSC on postwar Iraq plans Goals were to
            maintain interity of Iraq improve living create democracy destroy WMD
2003 US found that France made allegation that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger
            based upon fake documents
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 Blair told that US was thinking about starting war on 3/12/03 despite UK desire
            for 2nd UN resolution against Iraq
2003 UK For Sec Straw told parliament committee Iraq was in material breach of UN
            Res 1441 and that gave legal authority for action
2005 US troops accidently shot and killed Italian intelligence officer outside Baghdad
2012 ISI assassinated 2 police commanders in their homes and took a checkpoint in
2013 ISI & Al Nusra Front ambushed 48 Syrian soldiers in Anbar and executed them
2016 Sadrists held second demonstrations in Baghdad calling for reforms

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