Thursday, March 8, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 8

1916 British tried and failed to take the Dujaila Redoubt from Ottomans losing
            4,000 men
1920 Hundreds of ex-Ottoman soldiers including many Iraqis petitioned Prince Faisal
            about how Arab revolt didn’t workout during WWI
1950 105,000 Iraqi Jews registered to immigrate to Israel Almost 40,000 had already
            immigrated under new govt law allowing immigration
1959 Fighting continued in Mosul between Communist backers of Gen Qasim and his
1959 Coup leader Col Shawaf sent two planes to bomb Baghdad radio station but failed
1959 Gen Qasim bombed Col Shawaf’s HQ in Mosul Afterward one of Shawaf’s
            soldiers killed him thinking coup failed Ended Mosul Revolt
1963 Baath seized power in Syria opening door to unification with Baath led Iraq
1980 Iran withdrew its ambassador from Iraq Prelude to Iran-Iraq War
1984 UN sent team to Iraq to investigate Baghdad’s use of chemical weapons against
1991 Peshmerga captured Sulaymaniya from govt forces
1991 Iranian Pres Rafsanjani called on Saddam to step down from power
1998 UN inspectors went to old and new Defense Ministry buildings and found nothing
1998 Iraqis told UN inspectors they knew Clinton admin wanted to provoke a
            confrontation to strike Iraq
2002 Iraq options paper given to Blair Said UK could strengthen containment or
            regime change using military
2002 UK Iraq options paper said invasion only way to ensure removal of Saddam
2002 UK cabinet meeting said US no longer wanted to contain Iraq Said only
            way to remove Saddam was through invasion but no justification for it
2002 CIA report on Fmr Amb Wilson’s trip to Niger to investigate Iraq trying to buy
            uranium Niger denied any deal
2002 CIA report said June 1999 Iraqi delegation met with Niger PM about business
            which PM thought was buying uranium
2002 CIA analysts believed Fmr Amb Wilson confirmed Iraq was interested in buying
            uranium from Niger
2002 State Dept believed Wilson’s trip confirmed that Iraq had not tried to buy uranium
            from Niger
2002 Wilson would later claim that he talked about docs alleging Iraq-Niger uranium
            deal but he didn’t know about them until later
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 Blair’s final attempt to get UN Security Council to pass 2nd resolution
            supporting force against Iraq failed
2003 Blair’s foreign policy adviser Manning told Rice Blair willing to lose his govt
            in order to fight Iraq war
2003 DIA report to Rumsfeld said that IAEA was dismissing Iraq-Niger uranium
            story because based upon questionable docs
2003 DIA report said that Wilson’s trip found evidence that Iraq was interested in
            buying uranium from Niger Was Navy report uranium was in Benin warehouse
2003 DIA report said Somali businessmen talked about shipment that was similar to
            Iraq-Niger uranium deal even though didn’t mention Iraq Niger or uranium
2003 US official said administration had been duped by fake docs claiming Iraq tried
            to buy uranium from Niger
2003 Army Corps of Engineers gave KBR $7 bil contract to repair Iraq’s infrastructure
            after war
2003 Fmr Amb Wilson told CNN US govt should and did know that Iraq-Niger
            uranium story was false
2004 Transitional Administrative Law signed into effect as temporary constitution
            Sistani said it was illegitimate
2004 Ayatollah Sistani said any further laws must be passed by an elected Iraqi
2004 Natl Sec Adv Rice said that UN rep Brahimi had to return to Iraq to complete
            work on new Iraqi govt
2008 5000 protested in Basra against army and police commanders
2009 Suicide bombing in Baghdad killed 28 outside police academy
2015 ISF turned over Dour to Hashd who started destroying property

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