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This Day In Iraqi History - Mar 30

1921 Cairo Conference decided on indirect rule in Iraq Would make Faisal King
            of a pro-British Iraqi govt allowing withdrawal of British forces 
1921 Cairo Confernce decided to keep UK High Commissioner for Iraq British advisers
            in govt naval presence in Basra and RAF squadrons in rest of country
1939 King Ghazi gave pan-Arab speech saying he was interested in Arab brothers in
            Syria Palestine Kuwait
1940 Fmr PM Said put together new govt with Rashid Gaylani becoming PM Said
            became Foreign Minister Had backing of British
1980 Baath made membership in Dawa punishable by death
1982 Saddam admitted that Iraqi forces retreated from southern Iran
1984 UN condemned use of chemical weapons in Iran-Iraq War but didn’t mention
            Iraq as perpetrator
1984 US banned export of 5 chemicals to Iraq that could be used to make chemical
1991 Saddam’s troops re-entered Dohuk and Irbil to put down Kurdish rebellion
1991 Majid al-Khoei met with Saudi intelligence and was turned down for aid because
            US objections
1995 INC and PUK attacked Iraqi forces in Kirkuk district destroying 2 brigades hoping
            to create a revolt against Saddam
2002 Gen Franks presented new revised Iraq war plan to Bush
2003 British began 2nd attack to take Basra city with 600 commandos
2003 UK Defense Minister Hoon told US didn't think taking Basra City important US
            wanted UK to hold south oil fields & Um Qasr port
2003 US intensified air strikes on Republican Guard units with 800 sorties
2003 Saddam believed U.S. invasion was stalemated
2003 Saddam’s secretary told Iraqi For Ministry to tell France and Russia they would
            only accept an unconditional withdrawal by U.S.
2003 Iraqi TV aired footage of Saddam Qusay and Uday handing out medals and money
            to soldiers
2003 Rumsfeld told ABC that US knew exactly where Iraq’s WMD were Claimed they
            were around Tikrit and Baghdad
2003 Rumsfeld accused Syria of giving military aid to Iraq Syria claimed US
            committing crimes vs Iraqi civilians
2003 Dep Sec of Def Wolfowtiz said Iraq war about WMD and that they would
            eventually be found
2003 Blair foreign policy adv Sir Manning worried that Baghdad when attacked could
            turn into drawn out urban battle
2003 Iraqis shot down US Apache helicopter during invasion
2006 Report Albu Mahal went from insurgency to fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq after
            objected to Islamic law being imposed
2006 Report Albu Mahal entered into months of fighting with Salmani and Karabila
            tribes allied with Al Qaeda in Iraq in WAnbar Qaim dist Was expelled
2006 Report Albu Mahal went to US formed Desert Protectors Got help to have
            tribesmen join Iraqi army
2008 Sadr announced ceasefire in Basra but said Mahdi Army would not give up their
2008 Iranian Revolutionary Guard Gen Suleimani helped negotiate Sadr ceasefire
2008 Mahdi Army fired rockets at Green Zone again
2008 Tribes in Dhi Qar and Dulaim in Wasit joined govt in crackdown against Mahdi
2008 Nasiriya said to be cleared of Mahdi Army
2008 SIIC held pro-govt demonstration in Karbala against Sadr
2010 Allawi complained about Iran’s interference in forming new Iraqi government
2010 VP Hashemi said Iran trying to unite Shiite parties behind 2nd Maliki term
2011 Accountability and Justice Comm ruled 2 nominees for Interior and Defense
            Ministers made by Maliki were disqualified for Baathist past
2011 Turkey’s Erdogan went on tour of Iraq to Baghdad 1st Sunni leader to go to Najaf
            shrine 1st Turkish leader to go to Irbil
2012 Pres Barzani said Maliki becoming authoritarian
2016 Kurdish Alliance said they would not give up any of their ministers
2016 Supreme Council MP complained that Abadi didn’t consult with others about
            his reforms

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