Thursday, March 29, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 29

1946 Iraq-Turkey Friendship Treaty Would cooperate over Tigris and Euphrates
            Security education communication economies
1947 Sayid Salih Jabr became premier 1st Shiite PM of Iraq
1982 Saddam offered to withdraw to international border between Iran-Iraq Rejected by
1984 US intel found Iraq buying equipment from West German company to make
            chemical weapons W. Germany denied story
1984 US intel reported Iraq had 5 sites producing chemical weapons for Iran-Iraq War
1987 Ali Hassan al-Majid given special powers over all govt agencies in northern
            Iraq to deal with Kurds
1991 Iraqi troops recaptured Kirkuk from Kurdish rebels
1991 Iraqi troops captured Tanuma, Basra from rebels
1994 Saddam became prime minister of Iraq
2002 Gen Franks briefed military service chiefs on Iraq war planning
2003 UK Embassy in Washington Bush mad at press reports invasion not going
            according to plan
2003 1st Suicide bomber in Iraq war hits US checkpoint in Najaf killing 4 soldiers
2003 Iraq VP Ramadan said suicide bombers would become routine in Iraq and
            threatened England and US with them
2003 VP Ramadan said that foreign fighters had arrived in Iraq to help defend it against
2003 Iraqi govt removed commander of Iraqi air defense in Baghdad after
            missiles misfired and hit the capital
2003 Iraq fired 2 SCUDS at Kuwait but shot down by US Patriot missiles
2006 US intel report said 1707 Sunni and Shiite families moved in Baghdad after
            Askari bombing Mahdi Army kidnapping and executing people
2007 National Police kidnapped 5 British security guards from Eastern Baghdad
2007 New US Amb Ryan Crocker arrived in Iraq
2007 Suicide bombings in Baghdad kill 82
2008 Fighting between ISF and Mahdi Army continued in Karbala, Hillah, Baghdad,
2008 Mahdi Army fired rockets at Green Zone again in retaliation for Charge of Knights
2008 Maliki delegation met with Sadr in Iran to work out ceasefire in Basra
2008 Sadr said he was talking with Ayatollah Sistani to negotiate ceasefire with Maliki
2008 Sadr also called for Qais Khazali and Asaib Ahl Al-Haq to rejoin his organization
2009 Provincial election results announced State of Law won 126 of 440 seats 28%
            ISCI went from 200 to 50 seats
2009 Maliki govt said in talks with Asaib Ahl Al-Haq to get 5 British hostages it
            kidnapped released
2009 PKK rejected call by Pres Talabani and Pres Barzani to disarm
2009 Sahwa in Dora, Baghdad protested over not getting paid by govt
2009 US and ISF disarmed Sahwa in Fadhil, Baghdad after fighting broke out day before
when its commander arrested
2010 Peshmerga withdrew from Jalawla, Diyala after argument over control of
            disputed areas with Baghdad
2011 Maliki presented nominees for security ministries never filled after 2010
2011 Najmuddin Karim elected governor of Kirkuk
2011 ISI attacked Tikrit provincial council building leaving 150 casualties
2011 Parliament human rights committee found chronic abuses in Diyala prisons
including torture
2011 Opposition parties boycotted KRG parliament because govt hadn’t responded
            to protest demands
2011 Turkish Premier Erdogan went to Kurdistan first Turkish leader to visit region
2015 Most Hashd had pulled out of Tikrit op to protest US airstrikes
2015 Abadi met with Hashd leaders to talk about Tikrit offensive and their
            protests over US airstrikes
2015 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq said it would not join future ops in Anbar and Ninewa
            if US involved
2016 Deadline set by Sadr for Abadi to announce new technocratic cabinet
2016 State of Law said Abadi ready to present candidates for cabinet but
            ruling parties were not cooperating

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