Thursday, March 22, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 22

1921 UK Cabinet approved Colonial Sec Churchill’s choice of Feisal as new
            ruler in Mesopotamia
1973 Kuwait demanded Iraq withdraw its troops from its territory after gunfight
            on Mar 20 Iraq refused
1974 CIA memo said neither US nor Iran wanted a Kurdish govt but didn't want its
            conflict with Iraq resolved
1975 Iran ended military aid to KDP
1977 Baath Regional Command kicked out members who wanted leniency after
            anti-govt riots during Karbala pilgrimage
1981 Iraq fired missiles at Dezful and Ahvaz Iran in shift in war as Iraq stopped
            major land attacks
1982 Iran launched Op Fath ol-Mobin to retake Shush Was largest military operation
            up to that time in Iran-Iraq War
1983 Helicopter crash revealed Italy providing advanced electronic equipment to Iraq
1984 Soviet Union agreed to build a new nuclear power plant in Iraq to replace Osirak
            facility destroyed by Israel in 1981
1985 Tehran Tabriz Shiraz and Isfahan bombed by Iraqi air force War of Cities
1988 Start of 2nd Anfal Campaign to destroy PUK and DKP bases in Sulaymaniya and
1988 Qara Dagh, Sulaymaniya hit with chemical artillery shells as start of 2nd Anfal
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
1990 Canadian Gerald Bull working on supergun for Iraq found dead in Brussels
            Mossad believed to be responsible
1991 US shot down another Iraqi fighter after warned it no flights during uprisings
1991 UN diplomat Martti Ahtussari issued report that sanctions had hurt ability of Iraq to
            feed its people
2002 UK Foreign Office Pol Dir Ricketts memo to Foreign Sec Straw said US
            scrambling to find Iraq-Al Qaeda links and argument unconvincing
2002 UK Foreign Office Pol Dir Ricketts memo to Foreign Sec Straw said no signs
            Iraq working on its WMD or nuke programs
2002 MI6 Dir Gieve letter to Home Office secretary said no evidence Iraq involved
            in 9/11
2002 MI6 Dir said Iraq not involved in anti-west terrorism since 93 attempt on ex-Pres
2002 UK Def Min Hoon warned Blair if UK helped overthrow Saddam it would
            have to stay in Iraq for years
2002 Bush said that Iraq had not allowed verification of its destruction of its WMD
2003 British forces seized Rumaila oil field in Basra
2003 US forces reached Nasiriya and secured bridges across the Euphrates
2003 US bombed Baghdad again
2003 Saddam received report large U.S. force attacking west Iraq Led him to believe
            invasion coming from Jordan not Kuwait
2003 CIA officials told Wash Post they were always skeptical of Iraq-Niger uranium
            story that was used in Bush State of Union
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 Rumsfeld demanded that all Americans to run Iraqi ministries be from Pentagon
            ORHA head Garner said no time for replacements
2003 International protests in several major cities against Iraq war
2004 Unemployed protest in Basra turned violent Stones and Molotov cocktails
            thrown at British forces
2004 Rice Wash Post OpEd said would have been irresponsible not to look for link
between Iraq and 9/11
2008 Maliki told Gen Petraeus of his plans to attack Mahdi Army in Basra for 2nd
2010 9 provinces from central and southern Iraq demanded recount in election
2010 Iran got Shiite parties to agree to keep Talabani as president
2011 Gorran told Pres Barzani had to make good on his promises of reform after
            protests in Sulaymaniya
2011 When police tried to break up protest in Halabja violence broke out with one
            policeman killed
2013 IS took over Buhriz, Kirkuk
2013 Anbar councilman filed lawsuit over provincial vote being postponed in Anbar
2015 Badr head Ameri called Iraqi army weaklings for asking for Coalition air strikes
2016 Sadr said he had come up with 90 nominations for Abadi’s new cabinet

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