Tuesday, March 27, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Mar 27

1918 British defeated Ottomans in Battle of Khan al-Baghdadi
1979 Saddam told Baath meeting that Iraq was going to get a nuclear weapon
            with help of Soviets so he could go to war with Israel 
1979 Saddam believed having a nuclear bomb would allow a conventional war of
            attrition with Israel that could cost 50,000 Iraqi casualties
1979 Saddam discussed with advisers how to punish countries that backed Sadat’s
            peace treaty with Israel
1981 Start of second attempt by Islamic Conference to negotiate ceasefire in Iran-Iraq
1984 Iraq began tanker war in Iran-Iraq War
1991 2nd day fighting between Iraqi forces and peshmerga on Khanaqin-Jalawla road,
1991 White House spokesman said that US had made no promises to Shiites or Kurds
            and US public not interested in getting involved in an Iraqi civil war
1995 Fighting between KDP and PUK killed 100 in Irbil
1996 UN Resolution 1051 set up monitoring system for Iraqi imports-exports
under Oil for Food program
2003 U.S. forces entered Samawa, Muthanna and encountered fierce fighting by Fedayeen
2003 Iraqi forces began withdrawing in Kirkuk Looting started
2003 Iraq DefMin reviewed war Told US capturing transportation hubs attacking
            multiple targets at same time Report ignored by Saddam
2003 ORHA had meeting of all 4 postwar groups to come up with unified plan for Iraq
            Didn’t happen
2003 4 postwar Iraq groups had all been created separately within Bush admin
            with no coordination between them
2003 Dep Sec Def Wolfowitz told House of Reps committee Iraq oil would pay for
2003 USAID disaster response team entered Um Qasr, Basra to assess humanitarian
            situation in city
2003 Report sent to Washington that after examination 2 trailers found during invasion
            were not mobile WMD labs as originally thought
2003 Pres Assad called on Arab countries to stand up against US invasion
2003 Iraqi govt claimed 350 civilians killed in Coalition air strikes during invasion
2004 Marine patrol got into 36 hr gunfight in Fallujah
2007 Anbar council said no oversight of border crossings and 40% of tariffs stolen
            due to corruption
2007 2 truck bombs hit market targeting Shiite Turkmen in Tal Afar leaving
152 dead 347wounded
2007 Shiite Turkmen launch retaliatory attacks in Tal Afar killing 70 after truck bombs
2007 1920 Revolution Brigade leader killed by ISI for refusing to join it and talking
with govt
2007 US Mil intel report that Iranian intelligence working with Badr and Mahdi Army
            to assassinate Industry Ministry officials
2008 Presidential Council approved General Amnesty Law
2008 Sadrists kidnapped Baghdad Operations Command spokesman
2008 Mahdi Army attacked Iraqi army units moving from Nasiriya to Basra
2008 Basra police chief escaped assassination attempt
2008 Mahdi Army fired rockets at Green Zone for 2nd day
2008 Police in New Baghdad abandoned checkpoints 400 of 550 in 4th National Police
            Brigade deserted rather than fight Mahdi Army
2008 US told that Maliki did not want US advisers in Charge of Knights just US
2008 Fighting started between ISF and Special Groups in northern and southern Dhi
2008 Pipeline in Basra blown up cutting exports in 1/3
2010 Kurdish Alliance said wanted assurances on Kirkuk and Article 140 before it joined
            any new govt
2011 Iraq parliament cancelled deal with Chinese National Petroleum Corp for Ahdab
            field in Wasit
2012 Baghdad hosted Arab Summit marking major move back into Arab politics
2014 Islamic Party accused ISF of being involved in killing civilians in Buhriz, Diyala
2015 Tikrit operation re-started after US airstrikes requested by PM Abadi
2015 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq accused US of trying to save IS in Tikrit
2016 Supreme Council complained that Abadi not consulted with them over his
2016 Sadr went into Green Zone to start his own sit in protests

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