Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Mar 13

1917 British started Samarra offensive against Ottomans after taking Baghdad
1975 KDP announced ceasefire with govt after Iran said it would stop giving it aid
            following Algiers Agreement ended border dispute with Iraq
1984 UN team arrived in Iraq to investigate use of chemical weapons while Iran
            made new claims its forces hit with mustard gas in Manjoon Islands
1988 Iraq launched Op Zafar 7 in Khurmal and Bait al-Moqaddas 3 in Sulaymaniya
            both in Kurdistan Captured 7 Kurdish villages
1991 Pres Bush said Iraqi helicopters should not be used to put down Shiite and
            Kurdish uprisings
1991 Kurdish uprising spread to Zakho
1991 Kurdistan Front announced council to run Kurdish areas during uprising
1991 13 325 Iraqi opposition leaders from 23 factions met in Beirut to discuss uprising
            in Iraq Led to Free Iraqi Council led by Saad Salih Jabr
 (Musings On Iraq article on 1991 Beirut meeting)
1991 Was anti-govt protest in Baghdad
2002 Blair For Pol Adv Manning met with National Sec Adv Rice’s staff Manning said
            US not considered problems with going to war with Iraq
2003 UK Foreign Office legal adv Brummell wrote Attny Gen Lord Goldsmith saying
            didn’t need 2nd UN resolution to go to war with Iraq
2003 Lord Goldsmith changed his opinion saying 2nd UN resolution not needed for action
            against Iraq
2003 Blair told Bush not to give ultimatum to Saddam until he had dealt with parliament
            Bush said OK
2003 Blair told still hope that 2nd resolution authorizing force against Iraq could be
            passed in UN
2003 USAID official told aid groups Iraq war would be quick Needs would be met
            Iraqis would regain control US would be out in a year
2005 Dep Industry Min said there was systematic looting of factories and weapons sites
            after 03 invasion
2006 Bush said Iraqi forces would take over most security jobs by end of 2006 and that
            way forward would continue to be difficult
2007 ISI leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi released tape refuting criticism of his group
2008 Gen Petraeus complained that Iraqi leaders were not taking advantage of
            improved security in Iraq to move forward on reconciliation
2008 US military said that ISI could be reduced but would not go away because it
            was so adaptable
2009 SIIC’s Hakim said he wanted reforms within National Alliance due to disputes
            with Maliki
2012 Oil Ministry said KRG not meeting its export quota

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