Friday, March 16, 2018

This Day in Iraqi History - Mar 16

1917 UK War Cabinet created Mesopotamia administration committee to decide
            on form of govt in captured areas
1959 Gen Qasim signed economic agreement with Soviet Union to move away from
            England and west
1975 Iraqi forces launched new offensive against Kurds after Iran stopped supporting
            them as part of Algiers agreement
1982 Iraq’s Dep PM Yassin Ramadan said Iraq ready to withdraw from Iran and would
            accept ceasefire Iran-Iraq War
1984 Iran fought off Iraqi effort to free Majnoon Islands Iran-Iraq War
1988 Iraqi forces dropped mustard and nerve gas on Halabja killing 5,000 Kurds to
            recapture town from Peshmerga and Iranian Revolutionary Guard
(Musings On Iraq article on the attack upon Halabja)
1991 Saddam made 1st address since Gulf War Blamed southern uprising on Iran Said
            Kurds worked with foreigners and always defeated
1992 Saddam govt set off car bomb in Irbil after warning Kurds not to ally with
            foreign powers
2003 Azores summit with Bush Blair Portuguese Premier Barroso Bush said that Iraq
            war would start in days not weeks
2003 Blair got transcript of 60 Minutes interview with Pres Chirac who said he wanted
            30 more days for UN inspections
2003 Blair Bush Barroso agreed to give 2nd UN resolution 24 more hours and pull it if
            didn’t have enough votes
2003 Bush and Blair gave UN 24 hour ultimatum to enforce its own resolutions
            on Iraq disarming or they would invade
2003 Blair complained that US screwed up a 2nd UN resolution on Iraq
2003 VP Cheney told NBC that if world didn’t deal with Iraq it would go back to
            producing WMD
2003 VP Cheney refuted IAEA claim that Iraq had not reconstituted its nuclear weapons
2003 VP Cheney on NBC IAEA wrong about aluminum tubes Iraq tried to buy and
            were wrong on Iraq in general
(Musings On Iraq article on the aluminum tubes story)
2003 Cheney on NBC said that Iraq had long standing relationship with Al Qaeda
2003 Cheney said that Army Chief of Staff Gen Shinseki wrong that US would need
            more troops to occupy Iraq than invade
2003 VP Cheney told NBC that Americans would be greeted as liberators in Iraq
2004 UK Parliament report said British forces had bad intel on Iraq and govt limited them
            due to fears of anti-war sentiment
2004 DepDefSec Wolfowitz said Iraq invasion proved US view on Iraq’s links
            to terrorism
2006 New Iraqi parliament seated after Dec 05 elections
2007 ISI set off chlorine bomb in Anbar Killed 2 shiekhs in Fallujah and Ramadi that
            opposed ISI
2008 Maliki said he was going to take on security in Basra and that he was going to lead
            effort personally
2015 Abadi asked US for airstrikes to help Tikrit operation that was stalled

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