Saturday, March 24, 2018

This Day in Iraqi History - Mar 24

1959 Gen Qasim withdrew Iraq from anti-Communist Baghdad Pact
1973 Saddam visited Moscow to push for stronger Iraq-Soviet cooperation
1986 UN condemned Iraq’s use of chemical weapons in Iran-Iraq War
1988 KDP base hit with poison gas in 2nd Anfal campaign Civilians rounded up and
            men executed by govt forces
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
1991 Turkish Pres Ozal met Bush in US and told him an independent Kurdistan in Iraq
            would lead to greater Kurdistan affecting Turkey Syrian Iran
1992 Iraqi army began shelling Kifri as sporadic fighting with Peshmerga continued
1998 French Pres Chirac told PM Blair that sanctions were killing kids in Iraq
2002 Cheney on CNN’s Late Edition called Saddam an evil man that U.S. would deal
2003 US forces reached outside Karbala
2003 US B-52 bombers began attacks on Republican Guard positions south of
2003 British forces took Basra airport Heavy fighting with Fedayeen led British forces
to withdraw from Basra City
2003 British military told govt local Iraqi militias putting up tough fight in Basra
2003 Red Cross warned of humanitarian emergency in Basra city as water running out
2003 Dow Jones reported no WMD found at suspected facility in Najaf
2003 Iran decided to send in operatives and Badr Brigade to carry out ops against US
            in Iraq
2003 Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei and Pres Khatami recorded talking about sending
            forces to 5 Iraq cities to incite anti-US violence
2003 Arab League voted 21-1 demanding U.S. and UK forces withdraw from Iraq
2003 Putin called Bush and said there would be great suffering during war Bush said
            everything would be under control
2003 Tariq Aziz gave presser saying US was after Iraq’s oil
2004 Ex-White House counterterrorism chief Clarke told 9/11 Commission Iraq not
            behind 1993 World Trade Center bombing
2008 PM Maliki launched Charge of Knights against Mahdi Army in Basra He arrived in
            Basra to oversee operation
2009 Sahwa commander in Salahaddin said that Ansar al-Sunna and ISI had
            created new alliance
2010 Maliki announced new anti-corruption campaign
2011 Riot at Rusafa prison over overcrowding
2012 Baghdad and Irbil agreed to increased joint patrols in Diyala
2013 Naqshibandi sent group to Ramadi protest site to try to push it towards
            violence against govt
2014 After Burhiz, Kirkuk retaken from IS Hashd killed at least 2 civilians and
            burned homes
2016 Most ruling parties refused to send candidates for technocratic cabinet to Abadi
2016 Supreme Council suspended its ministers in govt
2016 Head of IS Military Council Anbari killed

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