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This Day in Iraqi History - May 3

1921 Gertrude bell wrote Mid-Euphrates tribes perplexed why UK picked Faisal
            to be King of Iraq when he led revolt against them in Syria
1941 2nd day British planes bombed Iraqi forces Destroyed 29 Iraqi planes in Baghdad
            and 13 more in Diyala
1941 Iraqi air force bombed Iraqi army in Ramadi by accident in night raid
1941 Churchill ordered British troops to march from Palestine to Iraq
1941 UK Cmdr for Mid East Gen Wavell given command of Iraq Complained no forces
            to spare and negotiations should be used instead
1941 UK Cmdr for Mid East Gen Wavell later said he could send a small force from
            Palestine to Iraq but would threaten security in region and called for talks again
1941 Gaylani told Italian ambassador Iraq needed German and Italian air support
to deal with British, financial aid and a German military mission to work with Iraq General Staff
1941 German Foreign Min Ribbentrop supported sending special representative to
            Baghdad along with military laison officers to set up arrival of German aid
1941 German Foreign Min Ribbentrop suggested sending fighter and bomber squadons
            to Iraq Hitler agreed
1964 New provisional constitution said Iraq a democratic-socialist government but
            power was still with Pres Arif
1982 Iraq counterattacked in Khuzistan ending Iran’s Op Bait al-Moqaddas Iran
            retook 300 sq mi
1983 Iraqi Op Salam launched in southern Iraq to capture and kill army deserters
1988 Start of 4th Anfal campaign focused on Lesser Zab River, Sulaymaniya Kogtapa
            attacked with chemical bombs
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
1995 KDP told Turkey it would stop PKK activities in Kurdistan
2003 UK PM’s office said Iraq had WMD and they would be found
2003 White House said it was sure Iraq’s WMD would be found
2003 Bush said Iraq’s WMD programs would be found would just take time Was
            change from previous claims WMD stocks would be found
2003 UK intel said trailer found in Mosul could be mobile WMD lab
2003 CPA appointed Thamir Ghadban interim Oil Minister
2004 Mahdi Army attacked US base and a convoy in Najaf setting off hour long
            gun battles
2004 Heavy fighting between insurgents and US forces closed down road to Baghdad
2004 UN outlined plan to create Iraqi Election Commission to run 2005 voting
2004 US Marines said would replace Gen Latif head of Fallujah Brigade with Gen
            Saleh because Latif a Baathist
2005 PM Jaafari’s cabinet sworn in 2 deputy prime ministers and 7 important ministries
            vacant due to political disputes including Oil and Defense
2005 Shiite parties rejected Sunni candidates for ministries at last minute
2007 Anbar Awakening demanded all tribes in Anbar to stop supporting ISI
2008 Iraqi delegation to Iran presented evidence that Tehran was arming and training
            militias fighting govt Baghdad
2009 Baghdad said it would not extend deadline for US forces to be out of country’s
            cities by Jun 30 2009
2009 Arrest warrants issued for Trade Minister Sudani’s two brothers and other
            ministry officials for corruption
2009 2 Iraqi soldiers opened fire at U.S. troops at an outpost in Mosul killing 2
            and wounding 3 Americans
2009 Iraqi forces arrested Dhuluiya, Salahaddin Sawha leader Claimed he
            attacked Dujail during civil war
2009 Sahwa in Iskandiriya walked off job for not being paid in months
2010 Abu Abdullah al-Shafi emir of Ansar al-Sunnah was captured in Baghdad
2010 Baghdad started recount requested by Maliki after came in 2nd in election to
2011 National Reconciliation Ministry said Asaib Ahl Al-Haq was joining
            reconciliation process Didn’t happen
2011 KRG parliament passed law to unite PUK and KDP Peshmerga Never completed
2013 Police told AFP they had orders from Interior Ministry to use fake bomb
            detectors even though knew they didn’t work
2013 Friday prayers at Fallujah protest site urged people to stay peaceful and
            demanded Maliki resign
2013 Friday prayers at Kirkuk protest site warned that Baghdad had ignored
            their demands and could lead to civil war
2013 Samarra and Mosul protest sites demanded either Maliki resign or Salahaddin
            and Ninewa would become federal regions
2014 Ansar al-Sunna declared war on ISIS in Diyala
2015 Protests in Basra over lack of electricity

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