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This Day In Iraqi History - May 27

1917 UK Col Clayton worried Sykes-Picot would create opposition by Sharif of
            Mecca against UK taking Baghdad
1941 Operation Regulta began British forces marched north from Basra to
Kut and onto Baghdad
1941 British forces moved from Fallujah to cut Baghdad-Mosul road and railway
1941 PM Gaylani told Italians he was disappointed with Axis assistance
1947 Month after returning to Iraq Mustafa Barzani started another revolt against govt
1991 Kurdish parties threatened to go back to fighting if deal not reached with Baghdad
            over autonomy
1993 UN Resolution 833 set Iraq-Kuwait border
1995 PUK and KDP met to maintain Kurdish parliament during civil war
2003 Rumsfeld said Iraq might have destroyed its WMD right before war but they
            would be found
2003 Preliminary report sent to Washington said 2 captured trailers were not mobile
            WMD labs as first thought
2003 Cleric at Fallujah mosque praised 1st serious attack on US troops 2 soldiers killed
            9 injured at checkpoint
2003 Outgoing ORHA head Garner told Bush and Rumsfeld Iraq making progress and
            US would be out of country in weeks
2003 New UN Rep to Iraq deMello said that the sooner Iraqis had power the better
2004 Sadr agreed to deal to end fighting US forces in Najaf and other southern cities
2005 Badr militiamen in Wolf commando brigade blamed for sectarian attacks
            on Sunnis
2005 Sheikh Janabi of National Dialogue Council said violence had changed to killing
            based upon identity Sunnis getting killed for being Sunni
2008 Maliki issued arrest warrants for new party in Diyala made up of Sahwa Part of
            crackdown on Sunni in province
2008 Fmr Under Sec of Def Feith criticized Bush for switching goal of Iraq war from
            threat of Saddam to spreading democracy
2009 US Army Chief of Staff Gen Casey said US could be fighting in Iraq for next 10
2009 Iraq signed 2 year deal with IMF for $7 bil to help with budget deficit
2011 Anbar council rejected protest calls to make province federal region
2011 Protest in Baghdad over lack of services demanded release of prisoners
2012 Pres Barzani said KDP and PUK peshmerga would be united by end of year Still
            hasn't happened
2012 Kurdish Coalition said hadn’t decided on no confidence vote against Maliki 
2013 13 ISI car bombs in Baghdad killed 36 wounded 147
2013 Sadr gave Maliki 24 hrs to have ISF clear Asaib Ahl Al-Haq from streets of
2014 New op in Jurf al-Sakhr, Babil four days after declared freed
2014 Protest in Nasiriya over lack of electricity and services
2014 Report Iran pushing PUK to support 3rd term for Maliki
2015 Iranian Foreign Min denied Iranian troops fighting in Baiji said only advisers
2015 Fmr MP Othman said 2,822 Peshmerga killed fighting IS since June 2014
2015 Report Army and Hashd ordered to shut bridge to displaced trying to flee Anbar
            into Baghdad
2016 Sadrists protest in Baghdad Police fired tear gas to break them up Demos
            in Babil Karbala Basra Dhi Qar Muthanna too
2016 Kataib Hezbollah stopped large group of displaced fleeing Sjar Anbar abducted
            73 men not seen afterward
2017 Iranian Revolutionary Guard general killed advising Hashd around Baaj western
2017 Toronto Star printed story by Der Spiegel author providing more information on
            abuses by Rapid Reaction unit during Mosul battle

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