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This Day In Iraqi History - May 17

1639 Treaty of Zuhab ended Ottoman-Safavid War and gave Ottomans most
            of Mesopotamia
1920 Huge joint Sunni-Shiite demonstration in Baghdad during Ramadan against
            British rule
1941 British forces set out from Habaniya base to try to take Fallujah
1941 More British planes landed at Habaniya air base from Egypt and launched attack
            on German planes in Mosul
1941 British planes shot down 2 German fighters over Baghdad
1941 German liaison officer with Iraqi govt killed by an Iraqi soldier flying into
1972 Oil Ministry took hardline with Iraq Petroleum Company in 1st move towards
1973 Iraq rejected border agreement with Kuwait saying never ratified by Iraqi
1986 Iraq attacked area around Mehran and seized 60 sq mi of Iranian territory Saddam
            said offensive meant to drive Iran to negotiate peace
1987 Iraqi fighter hit USS Stark with 2 missiles killing 37 US sailors
2003 Iraqi Leadership Group of exiles and Iraqis put together by Barzani and Talabani
            to advise ORHA head Garner disbanded by Bremer
2003 ORHA head Garner told Bremer he was leaving Iraq Bremer talked Garner into
            staying for a bit
2003 US-Kurdish agreement allowed 6,000 Peshmerga to be deployed in Diyala Kirkuk
            Ninewa Salahaddin beyond Green Line
2003 500 Arabs from Hawija attacked Kurds in Kirkuk City Lasted 36 hrs Were heard
            shouting Saddam slogans Protesting Kurds moving into city after war
2003 Baghdad Univ faculty held election for new leadership as part of democratiziation
            move pushed by US
2003 CIA interviewed head of Iraq’s centrifuge program Mahdi Obeidi who asked for
            asylum in US
2004 Report Mahdi Army recruiting Baathist security and intel officers in Kirkuk for
            militia along with Shiite Arabs and Turkmen
2004 CIA warned that political factionalism in Mosul leading to instability
2004 Zarqawi killed Iraqi Governing Council head Salim with a suicide bomber in
2004 Report Rumsfeld authorized special interrogation program that helped lead to
            Abu Ghraib abuse scandal
2004 Report INC provided defector Adnan Haideri’s stories about Iraq WMD used by
US pre-war proved false Was used in CIA DIA White House reports May 02 labeled fabricator by DIA
2005 Association of Muslim Scholars accused police of being involved in massacres of
            Sunni civilians
2005 Report Albu Mahal and Albu Nimr tribes in Qaim formed Hamza Forces to fight
            Al Qaeda in Iraq Wento to Marines in Fallujah asking for help
2005 Albu Mahal and Albu Nimr criticized US Op Matador in western Anbar for
            targeting them when they were fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq
2006 US cmdr in Iraq Gen Casey told NSC sectarian violence up in Iraq New Baghdad
security plan not working Casey told Bush Iran providing more EFPs to attack US forces
2009 Head of parliamentary integrity comm said Trade Min Sudani covered up
            his brothers’ involvement in corruption at ministry
2009 Protest in Shikhan against Hadbaa led Ninewa government
2009 Oil Ministry criticized KRG’s independent oil deals
2010 China’s CNOOC and Turkey’s TPAO signed deal to develop Maysan oil field
2010 KRG Natural Resource Min said Kurdish oil exports wouldn’t start until new
            Iraqi govt formed
2011 Interior Min investigation found IS prison break in Baghdad had inside help
2011 Baghdad Operations Command said most assassinations of ISF personnel were
            done by militias not ISI
2011 Pres Barzani said he was ready to talk with opposition parties in KRG parliament
            about reforms
2012 Asayesh arrested 3 Yazidis for attending govt sponsored conference to intimidate
            them to stay away from Baghdad
2012 Maliki withdrew no confidence request to parliament against Dep PM Mutlaq to try
            to stop no confidence move against himself
2014 Sheikh Hayes blamed protesters for creating environment for return of insurgency
in Anbar
2014 4 Kurdish parties accused PUK of cheating in Sulaymaniya voting
2014 Kurdish parties announced united stance when negotiation to form new Iraqi govt
2015 Anbar council voted to allow Hashd to deploy to province Were already there
2015 IS unilaterally began withdrawing from Baiji refinery after Ramadi taken Used
            fighting in Baiji as diversion
2015 Intl Org of Migration reported 2.8 mil displaced in Iraq since start of 2014
2016 PUK and Gorran signed power sharing-cooperation deal Gorran would get
Sulaymaniya governor PUK Sulaymaniya city mayor

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