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This Day In Iraqi History - May 9

1941 German diplomat arrived in Syria to organize arms shipments to Iraq
1941 Start of 100 German and 20 Italian airplanes landing in Syrian bases to
            fight British in Iraq
1941 British planes bombed Iraqi police holding Fort Rutba, Anbar while Iraqi
reinforcements arrived
1941 British cmdr in India Gen Auchinleck told Chiefs of Staff British had to deal
            with Iraq
1941 PM Churchill told Mid-East commander Gen Wavell he had to take bold military
            action against Iraq and wouldn’t negotiation with PM Gaylani
1941 Jordanian soldiers mutinied and refused to cross over into Iraq 240 men left unit
1982 Iran cut off 2 Iraqi divisions and regained 116 sq mi in Khuzistan province
1984 State Dept memo said that new pro-Iraq policy could lead to export of dual
            use equipment for Baghdad’s nuclear program
1991 US forces withdrew from southern Iraq after Gulf War
1992 Saddam discussed assassinating Mubarak and King Fahd because they backed
            US in Gulf War
2001 US Energy Dept said aluminum tubes Iraq tried to buy fit specifications for rocket
            launchers IAEA found similar tubes during inspections in Baghdad
(Musings On Iraq article on the aluminum tubes story)
2002 Gen Franks ordered commanders to plan for including Turkey in Iraq
            invasion plans
2003 US and UK offer draft resolution to UN to make them occupying powers in Iraq
2003 Rumsfeld US would keep as many troops as necessary in Iraq and would take
            more than year to build Iraqi govt
2003 1st joint US-Iraqi patrols started in Baghdad
2003 Sadrist cleric called for revenge attacks upon Baathists
2003 US general met with Iraqi officers about getting Iraqi soldiers back to their
            units and to stop looting and impose order
2003 Bush signed memo officially making Bremer presidential envoy to Iraq
2003 UnderSecDef Feith gave Bremer draft of deBaathification and disbanding Iraqi
            military orders Feith would later deny he drafted orders
2003 CPA sent draft order to disband Iraqi military and build a new one to Def Sec
2003 DepDefSec Wolfowitz in Vanity Fair Bush admin all agreed on WMD as way to
            justify Iraq war
2004 Think tank estimated that Iraq would could cost $300 bil in ten years when Bush
            admin was pushing low numbers
2004 Report some US officers worried winning militarily in Iraq but losing support of
            Iraqi public
2008 Government and Sadr signed ceasefire to end Charge of Knights Allowed ISF
            to conduct arrests and raids in Sadr City
2008 Baghdad Operations Command said they found Iranian weapons with Mahdi
            Army in capital
2008 ISF arrested Mahdi Army commander in Karbala who was in charge of special
2009 US said Iran continued to train Iraqi militias but at lower levels than before
2010 Protests in front of KRG parliament over murder of journalist Zardasht Osman
2011 Maliki released insulting letter to Allawi
2011 Former Health Minister warned that Iraq had become part of drug trafficking
            networks between Middle East and Europe
2011 ISI was said to give allegiance to Al Qaeda’s Zawahiri and promised revenge for
            bin Laden’s death
2012 Report that $5 mil being stolen a month from contract for Turkish ships to
            provide electricity to Basra
2012 Maliki said Peshmerga should leave Kirkuk while Kurds criticized PMs visit
            to city
2012 Turkey said it would not arrest former Vice Pres Hashemi who was residing
            there after Interpol notice for him
2013 Pres Barzani said KRG was training Kurds to fight in Syrian war
2014 Govt claimed 90% of Ramadi cleared of ISIS when insurgents still occupied large
            areas of city
2015 Tribal fighters began training in Anbar with approval by PM Abadi

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