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This Day In Iraqi History - May 13

1915 British forces moved north to try to encircle Ottoman forces in Qurna
1935 Muntafiq tribe joined revolt against monarchy
1941 Iraq told German ambassador to Turkey that it agreed to Turkish offer to
            mediate with England
1941 Golden Square officers rejected Turkey’s offer to mediate and threatened to shoot
            PM Gaylani He offered to resign Mufti of Jerusalem had to intervene
1941 1st trainload of Nazi German war supplies arrived in Mosul to support PM
Gaylani’s govt Never used Vichy France sent military equipment to Iraq
1941 British forces bombed Syrian-Mosul railway to try to block Axis aid to Iraq
1941 Jordanians from Palestine arrived at Fort Rutba in Anbar and found it abandoned
            by Iraqis
1941 German planes attacked British forces at Habaniya air base 1 British plane shot
            down by German plane over Mosul
1941 Egyptian Chief of Staff Gen Masri arrested while attempting to fly to Iraq to join
            fight vs British
1983 Tariq Aziz went to Paris to ask for new arms deal with France
1984 Iran attacked Kuwait tanker carrying Iraqi oil in Persian Gulf Was retaliation
            for Iraq attacks on Iranian oil industry  
1987 UN investigation said Iraq used chemical weapons against Iranian civilians
1991 Kurds attacked police station in Zakho
1997 Iraqi army clashed with Bani Said tribe in southern Iraq
2002 Def Sec Rumsfeld said US didn’t need to connect Iraq and 9/11 to go to war
            Said main reason was WMD
2003 CPA official briefed British of plan to disband Iraqi army and build a new one
            Brits didn’t object
2003 White House official said Iraq may not have had stocks of WMD but just
            capability to make them
2003 Rumsfeld told Bremer he would be responsible for temporary governing of
2003 Mass grave of 15,000 victims of 91 uprising found in Mahawil, Babil
2004 Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace told Senate US interrogation methods used in Iraq
            violated Geneva Conventions
2007 Abu Musah arms supplier to Iranian backed Special Groups arrested
2007 Jihad and Reform Front got into gun battle with ISI in Baghdad
2008 ISF raided Sadr offices in Shula Baghdad arresting 30
2008 Report most insurgents fled Mosul before govt started offensive there
2008 Fmr State Dept official said agency never interested in fighting corruption in Iraq
2009 Denmark latest European country to start deporting Iraqi refugees
2009 Hadbaa party was in talks with Baghdad to try to force Kurds to participate in
            Ninewa council that they were boycotting
2010 Iraqi general said Sahwa were like a militia that needed to be disarmed and that
            members of Maliki govt distrusted them
2010 Christian party said insurgents were threatening Christians and Assyrians in
            Mosul trying to drive them out of city
2011 Protest in Baghdad called for better services
2011 Iraqiya blamed Maliki for assassination attempts on 3 of its members
2011 World Health Org report said Iraq one of only 2 countries where life expectancy
            went down in MENA Dropped from 68 to 66 yrs from 2000-09
2012 Report that Pres Talabani supported Maliki while Sadr Speaker Nujafi Pres
Barzani and Allawi wanted no confidence vote
2012 State Dept cut Iraq police training program
2012 Report that Syrian govt was arresting and deporting Iraqis
2013 Arguments between Ramadi and Fallujah sites over which represented Anbar
2013 Sheikh Saadi said talks beginning between Ramadi protest site and govt
2014 ISF claimed progress in Fallujah op MPs and experts warned that ISF failing due
to bad logistics
2014 ISIS began car bomb wave
2015 Rumors of suicide bombers led to riot amongst Shiite pilgrims in Adhamiya,
            Baghdad burning homes and cars
2016 Protests in Wasit Muthanna Babil Basra Dhi Qar Baghdad calling for govt

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