Friday, May 4, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - May 4

1941 British bombed Iraqi air bases in Baghdad and Baquba
1941 British bombers arrived at Habaniya airbase from Egypt while Iraqis continued
            to shell base
1941 British dropped leaflets on Baghdad saying war was with Gaylani govt not
            Iraqi people
1941 Regent broadcast radio message asking people not to follow Gaylani govt
1941 PM Gaylani sent diplomat to Tehran to contact Germans and ask for military aid
1941 UK Chiefs of Staff told Mid-East commander Gen Wavell he had to take action
            against the Gaylani govt
1966 Iraqi troops started military campaign against KDP
1981 Iraq began shelling Iran’s oil refinery at Abadan
1989 Saddam’s cousin and Def Min Adnan Kairallah died in mysterious helicopter
1991 2nd round of peace talks between Kurds and Baghdad postponed due to differences
            between KDP and PUK over need for international help and oil
1995 Turkey withdrew 15,000 troops after KDP said it would crackdown on PKK
            in Kurdistan
2003 Powell said sure US would find Iraq’s WMD Rumsfeld said US never claimed
finding WMD would be easy Powell denied stories that Iraq sent its WMD to Syria
2003 US official said unlikely to find any large MWD or nuke stocks in Iraq Said
            sanctions had led Iraq to get rid of most of its WMD
2003 Iraqi scientists told US investigators Iraq had no WMD for years
2003 ORHA memo said security was still top priority in Iraq
2004 Shiite leaders called on Sadr to withdraw his Mahdi Army from Najaf and Karbala
2004 US announced it would not be withdrawing forces from Iraq as planned
2004 CIA started investigation into whether it kept undocumented prisoners in Iraq
            It did
2005 Sadrist cleric in Basra talked about imposing Islamic Law on city Bombed liquor
            stores imposed Islamic dress attacked mixed picknickers
2005 Sadrist cleric in Basra said movement didn’t want to be like Iran because most
            Iranians were corrupt
2005 Doctors in Basra said Mahdi Army had tried to stop male doctors from serving
            female patients Posted pictures of Sadr in hospitals
2006 Zarqawi gave presentation saying Al Qaeda in Iraq needed to expand its base
from Anbar into Salahaddin and Diyala Said Ramadi was to be named capital of emirate
2006 Fmr CIA National Intelligence Officer Pillar said that Bush admin manipulated
evidence to tie Iraq to Al Qaeda before invasion Part of CIA vs White House blamed gave for prewar intel
2008 ISF raided Thar Allah prayer ground in Basra
2008 Iraqi delegation in Iran to try to end Charge of Knights were refused meeting
            with Sadr
2008 Iraq backed down on charges that Iran was supporting militias fighting govt
2008 Iraq general in Karbala said Iran giving weapons to militias in city and
            undermining security
2008 Maliki said special committee created to look into Iranian interference in Iraq
2009 Sadr said he had given up on armed struggle against US and wanted to
            focus upon politics
2010 Baathist leader apologized for mistakes of party Said wanted to join politics
            Public needed to remember achievements of party
2010 State of Law and National Alliance announced joining to form National Coalition
            after national elections
2011 Speaker of US House Boehner said US forces should stay in Iraq past
            end of 2011 deadline
2011 Maliki submitted new list of nominees for security ministries empty since 2010
2012 Maliki’s media advisor Ghabban said he thought dispute between Baghdad and
            KRG would be over by end of 2012
2012 Pres Barzani gave speech saying Kurds would never live under a dictatorship
            meaning Maliki
2012 KRG called for Baghdad to pay oil companies operating in Kurdistan
2012 KRG said in talks with Turkey to build an oil and gas pipeline between two
2013 Election Commission announced final results for provincial elections State of Law
            lost 30% of its seats from 09 vote
2013 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq rally in Baghdad announced it was fighting in Syria
            as part of Abu al-Fadhl al-Abbas Brigade
2014 Al Qaeda’s Zawahiri said that ISIS fighting in Syria was a disaster
2014 Fighting between Ansar al-Sunna and ISIS in Kirkuk
2014 Sadrists said talks with SIIC, Kurds and Allawi to block Maliki from 3rd
            term as PM
2017 Iraqi forces attacked Mosul from northwest opening new front in city

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