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This Day In Iraqi History - May 15

1935 Tribes seized Suq al-Shuyukh and cut railway between Basra and Nasiriya
            during revolt against govt
1941 German major arrived in Baghdad to lead Brandenburgers Commando
            recon unit in Iraq along with squadron of bombers and squadron of fighters
1941 Germany had total of 24 fighters and bombers in Iraq to help Gaylani govt fight
            German planes were painted in Iraqi colors to hide their origin
1941 British received intel that German planes flying to Iraq from Syria
1941 German plane bombed British force from Palestine heading towards Habaniya
1941 British bomber attacked Iraqi column outside Rutba, Anbar
1941 Kurds began discussing revolt against PM Gaylani to take advantage of crisis with
1948 Kirkuk oil workers protested against Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1948 Iraq Egypt Jordan Syria armies entered into Palestine to join in 1948 Arab-Israeli
War Iraqi army attacked Kibbutz Gesher in northern Palestine
1948 Baghdad declared martial law due to war but was really aimed at ending protests
            over new Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1969 Bakr govt executed opponents in central Baghdad
1988 Start of 5th Anfal Campaign aimed at destroying last of PUK’s bastions in
            Balisan Valley, Sulaymaniya
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
1990 West Germany seized parts headed for Iraq suspected for 130ft long supergun
1991 International Atomic Energy Agency started first weapons inspection in Iraq
2001 Sec of State Powell told Congress UN sanctions had effectively contained
2003 2 most senior Iraqi biological scientists denied Iraq was working on WMD before
2003 UK Foreign Secretary Straw hard evidence of Iraq WMD may never be found
            Not important Iraq was in the wrong
2003 Undersec of Def Feith told Congress US found evidence of Iraq WMD and
            needed Iraqis to step forward and tell them where it was
2003 Undersec of Def Feith told Congress US had commitment to stay and commitment
            to leave Iraq Said CPA would create interim Iraqi government
2003 ORHA head Garner complained to Bremer about draft CPA Order 2 disbanding
Iraqi security forces Garner talked Bremer out of disbanding police and Interior Ministry
2003 CPA security adv Slocolmb told Garner Iraqi army had disbanded itself Colluded
            in Saddam’s crimes and needed to go
2003 Bremer and CPA advisers reviewed CPA Order 1 DeBaathification
2003 CPA appropriated $2 bil for rebuilding Iraqi security forces electricity oil
2003 US forces launched Operation Planet X to arrest Baathists north of Tikrit
2003 Sadr cleric gave sermon in Baghdad accusing US forces of being able to see
            through women’s clothes and giving pornography to children
2005 55 member constitutional committee appointed
2005 Sec of State Rice told Pres Barzani and PM Jaafari they had to include Sunnis in
            new govt
2005 Salah al-Mutlaq said couldn’t unite Iraq without including the Baathists
2007 Sadr made last public appearance with sermon in Kufa before fleeing to Iran out
            of fear of US assassination during Surge
2008 Sahwa in Mosul complained ISF were arresting them instead of insurgents during
            Mother of Two Springs Operation
2009 Mass grave found in Najaf with 3,000 Kurds killed during Anfal
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
2009 Oil Ministry said it wouldn’t pay oil companies exporting oil from KRG
2009 Maliki called for majority government and ending sectarian quota system
2009 Maliki claimed US releasing terrorists from prisons resulting in increased in
violence 2008 Maliki govt had negotiated quicker release of prisoners by US
2011 Sheikh Sulaiman said that tribes and politicians would make Anbar a federal
2011 Salahaddin politicians met with Pres Barzani to discuss making province a
            federal region
2012 Trial of ex-VP Hashemi began Bodyguard claimed Hashemi implicated in 150
            attacks from 2005-11
2012 Genel Energy said it would expand its oil holdings in Kurdistan
2015 IS seized govt center in Ramadi in final drive to take city Reinforcements sent to
            Ramadi to stave off IS offensive Never arrived

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