Wednesday, May 23, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - May 23

1941 German planes attacked British forces in Fallujah Iraqi artillery shelled
1941 UK Mid-East cmdr Gen Wavell and Indian cmdr Gen Auchinlek met in Basra
            Decided to send forces to Baghdad and more to be sent from India to Iraq
1969 Pres Bakr offered self-determination to Kurds
1982 Iraq invoked Arab League 1950 defense agreement to get military aid from
            members Got nothing League divided over war
1988 Iraq launched offensive to re-capture all of its lost territory from Iran
1988 Towns in Balisan Valley, Sulamaniya hit by chemical weapons in 5th Anfal
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
1991 For third time Kurds attacked police station in Zakho
2002 During trip to Germany Bush said he had no Iraq war plans
2003 Bush said he supported Bremer’s political plan for Iraq
2003 CPA Order 2 disbanded Iraqi military
2003 Congress asked CIA to look into its pre-war intel on WMD after none found
2004 Sadr’s brother in law Riyadh Nouri arrested
2005 Sunni MPs accused Badr Brigade of carrying out sectarian killings
2007 Dep PM Zubaie wounded by suicide bomber
2008 Clerics denied Sistani issued fatwa allowing attacks on U.S. forces
2010 ISF blamed U.S. releasing prisoners for increase in violence In 2008 Maliki had
            negotiated quicker release of prisoners by US
2011 Adviser to Diyala governor arrested by Maliki to intimidate province to not
            move towards federal region
2012 Iraq hosted nuclear talks between Iran and six countries
2013 Al Qaeda’s Zawahiri said that Baghdadi was wrong for declaring ISIS without
            asking permission first
2013 Mutahidun accused Maliki of supporting militias and targeting civilians
2013 Sheikh Hayes said Ramadi protesters had 2 days to turn over those who killed
            5 soldiers
2013 State of Law offered SIIC control of 3 southern provinces in return for control of
            Basra SIIC turned down offer
2014 Babil Operations Command claimed Jurf al-Sakhr freed from IS Would not be
            liberated until Oct 2014
2014 Gorran accused PUK of cheating in Sulaymaniya vote
2014 KRG said it sold 1st tanker of independent oil exports Oil Ministry filed legal
            papers over sale
2015 Report Iranians operating rockets, artillery and drones in Baiji operation
2016 Final campaign to liberate Fallujah started Five weeks later city would be freed
2017 Der Spiegel article on abuse and torture by Rapid Reaction Division unit during
Mosul campaign Unit denied story released video of its victims denying that they had been abused Attacked author
2017 Joint Operations Command claimed Der Spiegal story of abuse during Mosul
campaign made up and if any torture had taken place magazine was partly responsible
2017 Hashd freed Qairawan subdistrict of Sinjar Ninewa

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