Tuesday, May 1, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - May 1

1919 War Min Churchill wrote PM George that British army was overstretched
            with new additions like Mesopotamia
(Musings On Iraq article on Churchill’s views on Mesopotamia/Iraq)
1938 Iraqi constitution Article 89a criminalized communism
1941 PM Gaylani went to Turkish Amb to Iraq saying British violating 1930 treaty and
            expected English air strikes any time
1941 PM Gaylani asked Turkish ambassador to contract British and try to stop conflict
            Message was passed to British ambassador to Iraq
1941 Iraqi police opened fire on British workers in Rutba, Anbar England responded by
            sending forces from Transjordan to town
1941 British bombers sent from Egypt to Shaiba air base in Basra
1941 1st Battalion of Iraq’s 11th Inf Brigade sent from Baghdad to Fallujah to confront
1948 Iraqi volunteers defeated by Jewish forces in Battle of Katamon in 1st Arab Israeli
1959 500,000 Communists marched demanding role in Gen Qasim’s govt
1969 Iraq became 1st Arab country to recognize East Germany as part of alliance
            with Soviet Union
1989 Talabani and PKK’s Ocalan signed cooperation agreement in Damascus
1991 Saddam said that fighting spirit of Iraqis led Bush to call a cease-fire in Gulf War
1991 Report 68,000 displaced caused by uprising following Gulf War
1994 Land dispute in Qala Dizel began civil war between PUK and KDP 400 killed
            in fighting over next month
1997 Turkey with support of KDP started new campaign against PKK in northern
            Kurdistan Claimed killed over 2000 PKK fighters KDP lost 200
2002 FBI and CIA told media 9/11 hijacker Atta did not meet Iraqi intel in Prague April
2002 Bush told Press Sec Fleischer he didn’t like “motherfuckers” like Saddam who
            gassed their own people “assholes” who lied to the world
2002 Bush told Press Sec Fleischer he was going to kick Saddam’s ass
2003 Bush gave Mission Accomplished speech declaring victory against Iraq Linked
invasion to 9/11 Said war eliminated ally of Al Qaeda Now terrorists could not get WMD from Iraq
2003 White House officials gave briefings that they thought Saddam had been killed
            during start of invasion
2003 British memo said it supported ORHA but that organization was not delivering
            in Iraq and lacked strategy
2003 Grenades thrown into US base in Fallujah wounding 7 soldiers
2004 Bush announced that Bremer would select Iraqi transitional government
2004 Reports of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners
2004 Secret report leaked that provided evidence of Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse and US
            military leadership didn’t stop it
2005 Memo leaked that Blair was looking for justification for war in Jul 2002 which
            he denied it at the time
2006 Sen Biden and Council on For Rel head Gelb published OpEd arguing for
            federalism in Iraq based upon Sunnis Shiia Kurds regions
2011 KRG Dep Inter Min Karim said govt would not allow any protests without
            permission after crackdown in Sulaymaniya
2013 Maliki said he would take on armed protesters in Anbar
2013 Kurdish alliance said new deal with Maliki would end their boycott of cabinet
            Maliki didn’t follow through
2013 Maliki-Kurd deal included dealing with disputed areas, amending budget paying
            peshmerga distributing revenues

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