Monday, May 7, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – May 7

1941 British troops took Ashar, Basra
1985 Iraq shelled Kharmashahr
1992 Dep Natl Sec Adv Gates said Iraqis would have to suffer sanctions as long as
            Saddam remained in power
2003 US military found trailers that could be mobile WMD labs Proved false
2003 Undersec of Def Cambone said US would eventually find Iraq’s WMD and
            that mobile WMD labs had been found already
2003 ORHA decided to allow Baath members to return to jobs in ministries Said
            only 55 most wanted were banned
2004 Zarqawi beheaded American Nick Berg and videotaped it
2004 Rumsfeld testified to House and Senate about Abu Ghraib prison scandal
            apologizing for abuse
2004 Bin Laden tape offered reward for killing US and UN officials or citizens of any
            country that has troops in Iraq
2005 Jaafari filled 5 empty ministry spots and 1 Dep PM but Human Rights Minister
            turned down job saying appointed only because he was a Sunni
2006 New KRG government formed
2008 Fighting broke out between Mahdi Army and Badr in Baghdad’s Abu Dishr after
            Sadrists tried to kill Badr commander
2009 Trade Min Sudani’s brother arrested on corruption charges
2009 KDP and PUK announced would run together in next election as Kurdish list
2011 Failed ISI attack upon a Baghdad prison
2012 Iraqi court ruled that Hezbollah’s Ali Mussa Daqduq would be released for lack
evidence Daqduq was liaison with militias
2012 At meeting with Turkish businesses and reporters KRG Premier Barzani said
            Ankara saw Kurdistan as strategic partner
2013 Hakim and Sadr met in Najaf to discuss how to deal with Maliki Decided on
            forming alliance to take power in new prov govts in south
2014 Meetings in Irbil and Amman with sheikhs failed to end fighting in Anbar
2014 Iraqi forces assault on Fallujah failed
2015 Salahaddin council said would not let displaced associated with IS return to
2015 Peshmerga demanded that Hashd withdraw from Sadiya, Diyala as two vied
            for control of area

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