Thursday, May 24, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - May 24

1922 Cleric Khalisi informed southern tribes British were trying to get their
            way in new Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1941 Mufti of Jerusalem told Italians Arab revolt hinged on Iraq and it needed more
1980 Iraq backed failed coup vs Khomeini in Iran
1982 Iran’s Op Beit al-Moqaddas ended with Iraqi forces pushed back to Iran-Iraq
border in Khuzistan province 12,000-15,000 Iraqis captured Iran regained 2077 sq mi of Iranian land
1982 Israeli press reported US sent arms to Egypt which were then sold to Iraq
1990 US National Security Council deputies meeting told that US still sharing
            intelligence with Iraq
1999 Sec State Albright met with 7 Iraqi opposition groups receiving US funds Said US
            would provide them nonlethal aid
2002 Rumsfeld issued order to Joint Chiefs to begin Phase Four postwar planning
            for Iraq
2004 Bush said US would stay the course in Iraq and move towards returning
            sovereignty and creating democracy in Iraq
2005 SCIRI’s Hammoudi named head of constitutional drafting committee
2006 Joint Chiefs intel report said insurgency enduring despite political progress and
            growth of ISF
2006 Report police and army full of militias insurgents and criminals carrying out
            abuses and sectarian violence
2006 Report US officials and military apologized for former Inter Min Jabr from ISCI
            and Badr saying they weren’t responsible for police abuses
2006 Maliki said he wanted to reign in militias and demobilize them Went to Najaf to
            try to get Ayatollah Sistani to make statements against militias
2006 Iraqi Army’s 16th Brigade in charge of Dora south Baghdad ran death squads and
            assassinations in conjunction with insurgents Killed its own commander
2007 Sheikh Issawi assassinated and funeral hit by suicide bomber in Anbar
leading to parts of his tribe to join fight against ISI in Fallujah
2009 Hashemi resigned as head of Islamic Party
2011 Anbar councilman blamed Syria for allowing insurgents to cross its
            border into Iraq
2011 Trade Min Sudani accused of wasting $245 mil while in office
2011 Report US forces coming under increased attacks as withdrawal date at end of
            year approached
2011 US Def Sec Gates went to Iraq to lobby for US troop presence past end of year
2012 KRG PM Barzani said that if Baghdad cut off fuel deliveries KRG would
            export oil independently
2012 Sadr asked National Alliance to replace Maliki
2013 Integrity Comm said it was opening investigation into buying fake bomb
            detectors Went nowhere
2013 Clash at Ramadi protest site between those for and against turning Anbar
            into federal region
2013 Imam at Mosul protest site argued for making Ninewa federal region
2013 Sadrist killed fighting in Syria had funeral attended by movement members    
            showing Sadr’s participation in Syria war
2015 Iranian Ground Forces commander said Iranian military moved 40km into
            Diyala to protect border from IS
2015 KRG claimed it met its oil export quota set in 2015 budget and therefore
            should receive it full monthly payment from Baghdad
2015 US Def Sec Carter questioned Iraqis’ will to fight after Ramadi fell to IS
2017 Interior Min announced investigation into abuses by Iraqi forces during Mosul
            campaign in response to Der Spiegel article Nothing came of it

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