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This Day In Iraqi History - May 20

1941 German planes attacked British Habaniya air base in Anbar
1950 1st flight of Near East Air Transport Took Iraqi Jews to Israel Airline was
            owned by Jewish Agency who worked to get Jews to move to Israel
1950 When Israel created Iraqi govt banned immigration Mar 1950 govt allowed
temporary immigration for one year Stripped Jews of Iraqi citizenship and govt confiscated their property
1982 Iraq counterattacked against Iran’s Op Jerusalem in Khorramshahr
1984 Iraq sank Panamanian oil tanker in Persian Gulf in tanker war
1985 Iranian offensive into Iraqi southern marshes to seize Basra-Baghdad
            highway ended in failure
1985 Saudis offered peace deal while Prince Faisal visited Iran Rejected by Tehran
1987 Iraq ended 1st phase of attacks upon Kurdish villages
1991 Bush said he would oppose lifting sanctions on Iraq as long as Saddam
            was in power
1994 SCIRI claimed start of military campaign in Maysan marshes against Iraqi
            govt forces
1996 Iraq and UN signed memo allowing Oil for Food program
2002 Rumsfeld asked Gen Franks to plan for a fortress Baghdad scenario
2003 Iraqis met with British rep to Iraq and demanded an interim govt
2003 US forces arrested Saddam’s Min of Industry Hwaish and VP Marouf
2004 CIA and US military raided Chalabi’s home in Baghdad Accused him of
providing intel to Iran Chalabi claimed it was retaliation for his criticism of US
2004 US had arrest warrant for INC intelligence head Habib but he’d fled
2004 US called off assault on Mahdi Army in old city Karbala
2004 NSC meeting asked what would happen if new sovereign Iraq asked US to
2004 Report US interrogators told guards at Abu Ghraib prison to strip prisoners make
            them wear women’s close before questioning
2004 US army admitted lost Red Cross reports of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison due to
2005 US 1st Cav Div collected more than 100 abuse cases by ISF over 6 months
            including beatings, electrocutions, choking in Baghdad
2005 US 3rd Inf Div collected 28 cases of abuse by Iraqi units in Baghdad
2006 1st Maliki cabinet approved but with no Interior Defense or National
            Security Ministers
2006 Interior Min Jabr switched to Finance Min in new cabinet because he allowed Badr
            Brigade to take over ministry and police under Jaafari govt
2006 Maliki laid out 33 point program with terrorism fighting corruption and services
            top 3
2006 Defense Min adviser said violence so bad in Basra murderers were running free
2007 Hezbollah operative Daqduq captured Was liaison between Iran and militias
2008 Mother of Two Springs op ended in Mosul without success
2008 4,000-5,000 soldiers deployed to Sadr City after Sadr ceasefire finally took
2009 Report only 17,000 of 94,000 Sahwa given govt jobs so far
2010 Sadr said he was returning to Iraq after leaving for Iran in 07 over fear of US
assassination during Surge
2010 Sadr leader said that Sadrists opposed 2nd term for Maliki
2010 US said Iran training and arming militiamen to destabilize Iraq
2010 KRG said it would start oil exports the next day and Baghdad okayed it
            Demanded Baghdad pay oil companies in KRG
2011 5 Madhi Army commanders escaped Taji prison
2012 PUK and KDP Finance Ministries said they had merged
2012 KRG said it was building independent oil pipeline to Turkey Said it would reach 2
            mil/bar/day in production by 2014 Didn’t make that mark
2012 Meeting of political leaders decided to hold off on no confidence vote against
2013 ISIS launched 11 car bombs leaving 137 dead
2013 Maliki said some of the fake bomb detectors worked 20-50% of the time
2013 Anbar councilman said foreign companies were fleeing province due to
            increasing violence
2013 Cabinet announced provincial elections in Anbar and Ninewa would occur
            Jun 20
2014 Iraqi intel warned army that large ISIS attack on Mosul coming in June
2014 Iraqi army said it was surrounding Fallujah
2014 KRG parliament voted Qubad Talabani Dep PM
2014 Electricity and Municipality depts. in Sulaymaniya protested over not being
            paid salaries
2014 KRG oil started being loaded on tanker in Turkey for first time
2015 Gorran said it would support extending Pres Barzani’s term if KRG switched to
            parliamentary system
2016 Sadrists took over Green Zone for second time Led to clash with ISF 4 protesters

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