Friday, May 18, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – May 18

1941 British bombed Fallujah while troops began surrounding town
1941 Transjordan force arrived at Habaniya base in Anbar Were attacked by German planes
1948 Port of Basra protest against Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1991 Massoud Barzani announced deal with Saddam for greater Kurdish autonomy
1994 US pushed through UN call for Iraq to stop attacks on southern marshes as part of
            ending sanctions
2002 British govt issued order to prepare for military action against Iraq
2003 Former NY City Police Commissioner Kerik sent to be Iraq’s Interior Minister
            under CPA
2003 Kerik said he found no plan in place in Baghdad and Interior Ministry was
            staffed by 12 Americans plus him
2003 UK Foreign Office memo looting continued in Baghdad Interior and Information
            Ministries were recently looted
2003 ORHA restored pay to Iraqi govt workers
2003 Sheikh Naifus of Albu Alwan tribe in Babil who had been arrested for executions
            following 91 uprising released by US
2003 Fighting broke out in Kirkuk between Kurds and Arabs 5 killed 40 injured
            Armed Kurds from Hawija arrived in city to join in
2004 Sadr called on Iraqis to rise up against US in Najaf
2004 Ayatollah Sistani called on all armed forces to withdraw from Najaf and not to join
            Sadr’s uprising
2004 Pentagon announced it would end funding INC in June 2004
2004 DepSecDef Wolfowitz wouldn’t give timetable for US withdrawal from Iraq after
            sovereignty returned in Senate testimony
2005 Several US generals said it would take years for the US to withdraw from Iraq
            because taking long time to rebuild Iraqi forces
2005 Report Only 3 of 81 Iraqi army battalions capable of acting independently
            Only 1 of 26 army brigades able to work independently
2008 Maliki promised $100 mil for rebuilding Mosul after Mother of Two Springs
2008 Accordance Front MP said Baghdad agreed to integrate 20% of Ninewa Sahwa
            and 7,000 locals into security forces
2008 Sadr ceasefire in Baghdad finally took effect
2008 Police raided Sadr offices in Basra and captured large weapons cache and arrested
2009 Integrity Comm official said Def Min officials charging $500 to join army Trade Min selling
            food rations to businesses
2009 Defense and Interior Min fired 12,000 ghost soldiers and 70,000 ghost police US
            officials thought 25% of Def Min payroll stolen
2009 Head of Islamic Party in Diyala Khazraji and Sawha leader arrested on terrorism
charges as part of Operation Promise of Good II
2009 Warrants for 3 other members of Diyala council issued by Maliki dropped due to
protests by parliament
2009 Arrest of Khazraji part of Maliki arrests of Islamic Party and Sahwa members in
Diyala before and after provincial elections
2009 Baghdad released tape of man they claimed was ISI leader Baghdadi confessing
            Was not Baghdadi
2010 Interior Ministry source claimed Iranian explosives and shells used in recent
            bombing in southern Iraq
2010 Sadrists said they supported Jaafari to be PM not Maliki
2012 Human Rights Watch reported secret prison in Green Zone run by Maliki said to
            be closed in March 2011 still operating
2012 KRG began preparations to build independent oil pipeline to Turkey
2013 Protest leaders in Mosul Anbar Salahaddin Diyala Kirkuk had meeting saying
            armed struggle or regions only options left
2013 Ramadi protest leader called for a Sunni region in Iraq
2013 Arrest warrant for Mohammed Abu Risha Ramadi protest leader led to
            gunfight with ISF in city
2014 Head of Mosul intelligence claimed he received report ISIS planning to attack
            Mosul and told Ninewa Operations Command
2014 Babil police chief claimed Jurf al-Sakhr mostly cleared Town actually wouldn’t
            be freed until Oct 2014
2014 Financial experts warned Iraqi economy heading towards recession
2014 Maliki said no 2014 budget until a new government was formed
2014 Report that 400,000 people fled Fallujah due to shelling and barrel bombing by
2015 Mahmoud Othman criticized Pres Barzani for talking about independence and
            acting like sole leader of Kurds
2015 Foreign diplomat in Baghdad said Iran using Maliki against Abadi Opposed his
            pro-Western policies
2015 Fighting broke out between Bani Tamim tribe and Asaib Ahl Al-Haq in Basra
2015 Badr head Amiri blamed Anbar council for loss of Ramadi because kept Hashd out
            of province Untrue Hashd were there for months

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