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This Day In Iraqi History - May 19

1941 British took Fallujah from Iraqi forces after heavy bombing Was necessary
to cross Euphrates to move onto Baghdad 300 Iraqis captured
(Musings On Iraq article on 1941 Battle of Fallujah)
1941 Iraqi command found out about loss of Fallujah and decided to launch
1941 Iraq Def Min Shawkat returned from Turkey Was accused of being a traitor by
            Golden Square officers for talking about mediation with England Fled to Turkey
1941 Mullah Mustafa Barzani arrived in Sulaymaniya after escaping Baghdad
1958 Ahmad Baban became premier Was a Kurd
1992 Kurds held election for 105 seat regional parliament and leader 7 parties ran 4
            candidates for leader
1992 KDP won 51 seats PUK 49 in new Kurdish parliament Barzani gave 1 seat to PUK
            to maintain Kurdish unity
1997 KDP attacked PKK in Irbil with support of Turkey 53 KDP and 58 PKK killed
2003 ORHA head Garner told Congress ORHA was ad hoc and didn't have enough time
            to plan for postwar Iraq
2003 10,000 Sadrists protested in Baghdad against US occupation
2003 500 Iraqis protested outside Green Zone over pending disbandment of army
2003 CPA head Bremer sent Sec Def Rumsfeld final draft of order to disband Iraqi
2003 US intel paper to White House said captured Iraq trailers were mobile WMD
2004 Dep Sec of Defense Wolfowitz told Congress no timeline for U.S. withdrawal
            from Iraq
2004 US soldiers involved in Abu Ghraib prison abuse sentenced one year in prison
2005 Report that US attempt to push ISF into lead in war failing because Iraqi forces
            not ready yet
2007 US killed Asaibh Al Ahl-Haq’s Karbala commander Dulaimi in raid
2009 Pentagon said foreign fighters still coming to Iraq from Syria and Iranian
            weapons still being found
2009 US organized meeting between Sahwa and govt after 17 Sahwa leaders arrested
2010 Talks held between Hadbaa and Kurds over Ninewa provincial council which
            Kurds had boycotted since 09 elections
2011 Twin bombs in Kirkuk left 120 casualties
2012 Sadr called conference with Kurds Speaker Nujafi Ahmed Chalabi about
2012 Ayatollah Haeri called on Sadr to stop trying to divide Shiites showing Iran’s
            displeasure with moves against Maliki
2012 France’s Total announced talks with KRG about oil deals there over objections
            of Baghdad
2012 Protest in Basra against Turkey hosting wanted ex-VP Hashemi
2013 Provincial election results finalized State of Law won 112 seats Down from 126
            in 2009
2013 Maliki responded to protest movement Said provinces could become regions if
            followed constitution
2013 Sheikh Saadi religious leader in Anbar protests said he gave up on his initiative to
hold talks with Baghdad
2014 Election results announced with Maliki’s State of Law coming in first
2014 Sulaymaniya Educ dept went on strike over not getting paid and protests in 2
            towns over lack of services in KRG
2014 ISF went on rampage in Khalis, Diyala after checkpoint attacked burned mosque
            fields 2 houses
2015 State of Law MP said Iraq should rely on Iran not US for military aid Claimed
            fall of Ramadi proved US helping IS
2015 Hashd spokesman claimed retaking Ramadi would be easier than Tikrit
2016 ISF freed Rutba, Anbar from IS opening road from Baghdad to Jordan

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