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This Day In Iraqi History - May 30

1926 Verbal agreement made between British and Turks to give Turkey 10% of
            Mosul oil revenues for 25 years in return for giving up claims to province
(Musings On Iraq article on how Mosul province became part of Iraq)
1941 Last brigade of British 10th Infantry Division from India landed in Basra
1941 British troops reached Baghdad Iraqi army barracks bombed leading it to ask for
1941 Baghdad mayor and army officers approached British embassy asking for armistice
1941 German Amb to Iraq Grobba fled to Mosul Told German Foreign Minister
            Ribbentrop Iraqis still in the fight
1941 Ger For Min Ribbentrop told Ger Amb to Iraq Grobba that more planes arriving
Jun 1 Grobba said because of lack of fuel Ger planes would have to be based in Syria
1946 PM Suwaidi resigned over controversy over Iraq-Turkey Friendship Treaty Nuri
            al-Said negotiated treaty without consulting with govt
1959 Last British soldier departed Habaniya base in Iraq as English military withdrew
            from country
1982 Protests and riots in Karbala Basra Nasiriyah Baghdad over battlefield losses
            in Iran-Iraq War
1985 Iraq carried out heavy air raid on Iran oil terminal at Kharg Island
2003 Gen Conway 1st Marine Expeditionary Force surprised hadn’t found any
Iraq WMD in searches Said intel about Iraq having ready to use WMD was wrong
2003 Rumsfeld announced new Iraq Survey Group would be formed to take over
            search for Iraq’s WMD
2003 Coalition forces looking for Iraq WMD increased to 1300 personnel
2003 Final report of UN inspectors found no evidence of WMD programs
2003 UN inspectors said soil samples helped back Iraq story that they destroyed
2003 Blair said he was sure evidence of Iraq’s WMD would be found
2003 Rumsfeld said war was not based upon lies because both US and England said
            Iraq had WMD
2003 Bush said US found WMD because 2 alleged mobile WMD labs were found
            Inspection found not labs
2003 UnderSecDef for Intel Cambone said only 70 of roughly 600 suspected WMD
            sites in Iraq had been inspected
2003 CIA Dir Tenet said that its Iraq intelligence was not politicized by Bush admin
2003 US report on Iraqi police Said they were corrupt and needed reform Called
            for 6,000 advisers which US didn’t have
2004 US Op Smackdown to probe Mahdi Army defenses of Kufa mosque began
2004 7 US soldiers disciplined for not stopping Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal
2004 Leaked parts of Ryder report on Abu Ghraib found 100s of Iraqi prisoners were
            held despite lack of evidence
2005 Cheney said Iraq in “last throes” of an insurgency
2006 Pentagon report to Congress said violence increased since 2004 from avg 400
attacks/wk spring 04 to 550 attacks/wk Aug 05-Feb 06 to 600 attacks/wk Feb-May 06
2007 US turned over security for Kurdistan to Peshmerga
2007 Op Alljah started to clear Fallujah
2007 2 day battle began in Baghdad between ISI and insurgents that would eventually
            form Sahwa unit
2007 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq arms supplier Abu Abdullah captured by U.S. forces
2008 ISF raided Iraqi National Gathering HQ in Basra
2008 CIA Chief Hayden said ISI near strategic defeat in Iraq
2008 Ayatollah Sistani aide said he was opposed to Status of Forces Agreement with
2008 Fmr White House spokesman McClellan said Bush White House so caught up
            in pushing war ignored intel that didn’t fit argument
2009 Ex-Trade Min Sudani tried to leave Iraq but plane turned around and arrested at
            Baghdad airport on corruption charges
2009 Ex-Trade Min Sudani’s brother arrested trying to leave Iraq by land Tried to
            bribe border police Also charged with corruption
2009 Gov Nujafi accused Peshmerga of human rights abuses and breaking law in
2010 Diyala police chief complained his forces were infiltrated by insurgents
2010 Maliki met with Pres Barzani in Irbil to lobby for 2nd term
2011 Ninewa Gov Nujafi escaped bombing on his motorcade in Mosul
2011 Maysan council voted to keep US forces out of province as objection to a US raid
2011 VP Mahdi resigned saying position no longer held power and Najaf objected to
            way VPs elected
2012 Maliki said he was reinstating Saddam era army officers as concession to Sunni
            parties to stop no confidence vote against him
2012 Pres Talabani met Pres Barzani Allawi Speaker Nujafi Dep PM Mutlaq in
            Sulaymaniya and refused to back no confidence vote vs Maliki 
2012 Sadr said if Iraqiya and Kurdish Coalition backed no confidence vote against
            Maliki he would support it
2012 Badr and Fadhila wrote letter to Maliki saying they supported him during no
            confidence move against him
2012 Iraq Oil Ministry held 4th auction for 12 oil and gas fields Only 1 winning bid
2013 Sadrists said replacing Maliki only solution to political crisis in Iraq
2013 3 Reports militias killing civilians kidnapping people manning checkpoints with
ISF in Baghdad
2013 Anbar governor escaped car bombing in Ramadi
2014 Ramadi protest leader said Sunni autonomy was way to go and rejected
            armed struggle
2014 Protest in Qadisiyah over lack of services and development
2014 Report Iran funding Asaib Ahl Al-Haq operations in Fallujah and Jurf al-Sakhr
2015 IS held ceremony where Ramadi sheikhs gave it allegiance
2016 Hashd and Federal Police stopped displaced fleeing Sjar Anbar Executed 12 men

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