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This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 16


1914 UK convoy with 16th Indian Bgd on way to Egypt told it was being sent to Persian Gulf to secure

Persian oil fields and occupy Basra

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq In World War I, From Ottoman Rule to British Conquest)

(Musings On Iraq review When God Made Hell, The British Invasion of Mesopotamia and the Creation of Iraq, 1914-1921)

1973 Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian forces attacked Israeli positions but were turned back

1991 Turkish army launched ground assault into Kurdistan to attack PKK

(Musings On Iraq review The Kurds, A Modern History)

2001 CIA Dir Tenet met with UK officials and agreed no Iraq-9/11 connection

(Musings On Iraq Review The Report of the Iraq Inquiry, Executive Summary)

2002 Iraq held elections where Saddam voted president for another 7 years

2002 Iraq renewed offer for new UN inspections after US rejected deal

(Musings On Iraq UN Inspectors Were Right Iraq Was Not A Threat)

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s Rejection of UN Inspectors Led To Mistrust Over WMD and 2003 Invasion)

2002 French Pres Chirac said no Iraq Al Qaeda ties and attacking Iraq could lead to new terrorist


2002 State Dept intel agency gave CIA DIA NSA Energy Dept copies of Iraq-Niger uranium


(Musings On Iraq How US Intelligence Failed The Iraq-Niger Uranium Story)

(Musings On Iraq Review Hubris, The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, And The Selling Of The Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq review The WMD Mirage, Iraq’s Decade of Deception and America’s False Premise for War)

2003 UN Resolution 1511 set 12/15/03 as date for Iraqi Governing Council to submit plan for

interim govt and constitution

(Musings On Iraq review The Struggle For Iraq’s Future, How Corruption, Incompetence and Sectarianism Have Undermined Democracy)

2003 UK Def Sec Hoon said that attacks on Coalition were increasing and Coalition response in

Sunni areas was alienating Iraqis

(Musings On Iraq Review The Report of the Iraq Inquiry, Executive Summary)

2004 Attacks upon 5 churches

2006 PM Maliki called Bush said he was worried US had set 2 month deadline for him to control

sectarian violence Said deadline and talk of dividing Iraq were undermining his govt Bush said he supported Maliki

2006 Report US Cmdr Iraq Gen Casey was worried that ISF couldn’t take over security as planned

start of 07 Casey said US could have substantial troop drawdowns but had to increase US forces by 10,000 due to violence in Baghdad

(Musings On Iraq Did the US Ever Have A Strategy To Win In Iraq Before the Surge?)

2006 PM Maliki interview said his govt wouldn’t disarm militias until end of 06/early 07 Said US

forces would start large withdrawals start of 07 Rejected US operations vs Mahdi Army in Sadr City

2006 Iraq Body Count criticized Lancet report Said meant 500,000 death certificates were issued

but not recorded by govt Would mean thousands of Iraqis were wounded and never went for medical help Would mean only 1/10 of Iraqi deaths were recorded

(Musings On Iraq Major Flaws With The Lancet Reports On Iraqi Deaths Part I)

(Musings On Iraq Major Flaws With The Lancet Reports On Iraqi Deaths Part II)

(Musings On Iraq New Survey On Estimated Deaths In Iraq Refutes Lancet Reports)

(Musings On Iraq interview with Prof Mark Van Der Laan on Lancet Reports)

(Musings On Iraq interview with Prof Michael Spagat on Lancet reports)

2006 Sunni tribesmen fired mortars into Balad 13 vehicles stopped at police checkpoint south of Balad and

people taken away by insurgents afer 2 days of killings by Shiites for 26 Shiites killed in Dhuluiya Total of 80 bodies arrived at Balad morgue

2006 ISI car bomb hit Sheikh Abu Risha’s compound head of Anbar Awakening in Ramadi

2007 Report US stopped UK withdrawal from Basra for 5 months During time 25 UK soldiers killed

58 wounded US said Iran would move into city if UK pulled out too soon UK said Iraqi nationalism would hold Iran in check PM Maliki sent general to Basra to tell UK it should leave to reduce tensions

2007 Report Dec 06 US Embassy memo said every Iraqi ministry plagued by corruption Singled out

Interior Min as one of the worst Health Min run by Sadrists who extorted doctors and private clinics and stole drugs

(Musings On Iraq interview with Special Inspector Gen for Iraq Reconstruction Bowen on corruption in Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq interview with fmr anti-graft official Vincent Foulk on corruption in Iraq)

2007 Report US organized 34 Sahwa units in central Iraq 25 were Sunni 9 Shiite

(Musings On Iraq review Surge, My Journey with General David Petraeus and the Remaking of the Iraq War)

2012 PM Maliki suspended Central Bank of Iraq head Shababi after he refused to stop dinar re-

valuation Appointed ally Turki head of Board of Supreme Audit as new bank head

2017 Iraqi forces moved towards military base and oil fields in south Kirkuk Fighting broke out with

Peshmerga PUK withdrew most of its forces leading KDP to do the same Allowed joint forces to take most of Kirkuk province including Bai Hassan Avana and Baba Gargur oil and gas fields denying KRG of roughly half its revenues

(Musings On Iraq Kirkuk Aftermath)

(Musings On Iraq Kurds Fall Back to 2014 Borders)

(Musings On Iraq Seven Expert Opinions On The Kirkuk Crisis)

2017 KDP called PUK traitors and PUK called KDP thieves after Kurdish withdrawal from Kirkuk

2017 PUK withdrew its forces from Jawala Qara Tapa Mandali Daquq in northeast Diyala after meeting

with governor and army chief of staff

(Musings On Iraq In Face Of Referendum Fallout Kurdish Ruling Parties Decide To Hold Onto Power)

2017 Fighting broke out between Peshmerga and Hashd in Tuz Kharmato Salahaddin Widespread looting

and burning of homes and businesses by Hashd

(Musings On Iraq Kurds Fall Back To 2014 Borders)

2019 Report PM Abdul Mahdi asked Sistani to help end protests but he refused Iran Rev Guard’s Gen

Suleimani flew to Najaf and warned Sistani had to pick between the protests and the govt

(Musings On Iraq Sadr Joins Protests While Govt Continues With Promises And Crackdown)

(Musings On Iraq Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Commander General Suleimani And His Role In Iraq, An Interview With The New Yorker’s Dexter Filkins)

2019 Report Pro-Iran Hashd units deployed 3rd day of protests to put them down Used snipers

            in Baghdad Included elements of Hashd commission

(Musings On Iraq UN Report On Violence Against Iraqi Protesters)

2019 Iraqi Media House said journalists were fleeing Baghdad and south due to death threats

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