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This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 22


1914 Looting started in Basra city after it fell to British UK appointed governor of vilayet

1915 Battle of Ctesiphon/Salman Pak began UK ignored reports Turks had been reinforced UK suffered

4,511 casualties 1st day Was more than total UK losses during 1st year of war in Mesopotamia Ottomans lost 6,188 casualties

1915 Ottomans called on Indian troops to rise up against UK commanders in Mesopotamia 20th Punjabi

Batt removed after an Indian killed a British soldier

1915 UK official Sykes wrote letter to Sir Percy Cox lead political officers in Mesopotamia Said UK made

deal with Sharif of Mecca and Arab officers in Baghdad to fight Ottomans In return they would get independent Arab state UK would get Basra vilayet

(Musings On Iraq review Enemy On The Euphrates, The Battle For Iraq 1914-1921)

1917 Gen Marshall took over command of UK forces in Mesopotamia Told to consolidate position in Basra

and Baghdad vilayets Led him to send out expeditionary forces to take Musayib Hilla Kufa Abu Suhair Samawa Darraji Qara Tappa Khanaqin

(Musings On Iraq review When God Made Hell, The British Invasion of Mesopotamia and the Creation of Iraq, 1914-1921)

1923 PM Sadoun resigned over differences with Shiite leaders and King Faisal

1923 Jafar Pasha al-Askari became 3rd PM of Iraq Would hold office 2 times Shiites got Finance and

Education ministries in Askari govt Shiite leaders gave pledge of allegiance to King as a result Were 14 govts under Mandate

(Musings On Iraq review The Chatham House Version and other Middle-Eastern Studies)

1952 Baghdad protests against Regent Started 1952 Intifada Communists one of main organizers

Clashes with police led to 1 dead 52 wounded Led to PM Umari resigning

(Musings On Iraq review The Modern History of Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review Red Star Over Iraq, Iraqi Communism Before Saddam)

(Musings On Iraq Interview with Prof Johan Franzen on the history of the Iraqi Communist Party)

1997 UN inspectors talked out of visit to Special Republican Guard base by US that did not want

another confrontation that would allow Saddam to blame inspectors

(Musings On Iraq UN Inspectors Were Right Iraq Was Not A Threat)

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s Rejection of UN Inspectors Led To Mistrust Over WMD and 2003 Invasion)

1998 Izzat al-Dhuri Saddam’s #2 escaped assassination attempt in Karbala

2001 Saudi intel chief Prince Turksi said that bin Laden considered Saddam an apostate

2002 France told US that it did not believe Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger

(Musings On Iraq How US Intelligence Failed The Iraq-Niger Uranium Story)

2002 Russia’s Putin warned U.S. not to unilaterally act against Iraq

2003 US transport plane hit by missile at Baghdad International Airport

2005 Wall St Journal OpEd claimed 9/11 hijacker Atta might have met Iraqi intel agent in Prague in

2001 False story

2006 Commander of US forces in Iraq Gen Casey told Joint Chiefs troop surge would not work

(Musings On Iraq Did the US Ever Have A Strategy To Win In Iraq Before the Surge?)

(Musings On Iraq interview with Prof Mansoor on the Surge)

2006 UN said over 100,000 Iraqis left country each month mostly going to Syria and Jordan Many were

professionals Shiite death squads and militias operating within police Police accused of kidnappings torture murder bribery theft extortion

(Musings On Iraq review Children of War, Voices Of Iraqi Refugees)

2007 Report captured ISI docs from Sinjar showed 80-110 foreign fighters entered Iraq each month first half

of 2007 41% were Saudis followed Libyans at 18%

(Musings On Iraq The Saudi Role In The Iraqi Insurgency)

2008 Iranian arrested in Wasit 13th detained since Oct Local source thought he might be involved in voter

fraud for 09 election

(Musings On Iraq Iranians And Special Groups Forces Returning To Iraq)

2009 Baghdad aired video confession of 3 men claiming they were Baathists behind Oct 09 Baghdad

bombings Were actually done by ISI

(Musings On Iraq Maliki Returns to Sectarian Politics)

2009 Report police brigade in Diyala Had 130 HUMVEES Needed 650 Don’t have enough radios

or ammo Given mortars with no ammo Problem was with Interior Min

2019 Pro-Iran Hashd released story that Def Min Shammari received disabilities welfare

when he lived in Sweden and docs showing Def Min bought tear gas and used it against demonstrators after Shammari claimed 3rd party shooting demonstrators

(Musings On Iraq Hashd Retaliate Against Iraq’s Defense Minister For Comments On Protests)

2020 Report Iranian Rev Guards Quds Force Cmdr Qaani met with pro-Iran Hashd factions about

            halting attacks upon US in Iraq out of fear of Trump retaliation

(Musings On Iraq Iran Warns Its Allies About Attacking US Targets In Iraq)

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