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This Day In Iraqi History - Mar 2 1991 uprising spread to Nasiriya, Dhi Qar



1915 UK attacked Nukhaila Turned back by tribesmen Turned into route

1950 Interior Min Jabr introduced bill to allow Jews to leave Iraq if gave up nationality

1958 PM Mirjan resigned to allow Nuri al-Said to become PM again Hold elections and pass Iraq-

Jordan union

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq’s Democratic Moment)

1981 Islamic Conf Organization met with Saddam Said he wanted ceasefire in war and wanted to

know what Khomeini wanted

1984 Iraqis used mustard gas against Iranians to try to turn them back in Basra marshes Was able to

gain bridgehead on South Majnoon island

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s Use Of Chemical Weapons In Iran-Iraq War And Their Western Origin)

(Musings On Iraq review Iran-Iraq War Volume 2: Iran Strikes back, June 1982-December 1986)

1986 Iraq made another attempt to retake Faw Peninsula in Basra Failed

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Anthony Tucker-Jones on Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Tom Cooper on Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988)

(Musings On Iraq review Iran-Iraq War, The Lion of Babylon, 1980-1988)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq review The Longest War, The Iran-Iraq Military Conflict)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War Volume 1: The Battle for Khuzestan, September 1980-May 1982)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War Volume 2: Iran Strikes back, June 1982-December 1986)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War Volume 3: Iraq’s Triumph)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War Volume 4: The Forgotten Fronts)

1989 Bush told Iraq that it could buy dual use equipment for its WMD program from US

(Musings On Iraq Origins Of Iraq’s WMD Programs)

1991 Shiite revolt spread to Suq al-Shuyukh and Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar after Gulf War

1991 Shiite rebels attacked military intelligence headquarters in Basra Rebels started executing Baathists

            and security personnel

(Musings On Iraq interview with National Univ of Singapore’s Fanar Haddad on the Impact of the 1991 Uprising)

(Musings On Iraq Remembering The 1991 Uprising In Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq Saddam’s View of Iraq’s 1991 Uprising)

1991 Iraqi Hammurabi Div ordered to move north from Basra to help put down uprising Fired upon

            US 24th Inf Div breaking Gulf War ceasefire Was destroyed by US

1991 UN Resolution 686 required Iraq to accept 12 previous UN resolutions on Kuwait pay reparations

end annexation of Kuwait release POWs return stolen property

1991 Report UNICEF warned of cholera epidemic and malnutrition amongst Iraqi children

because of sanctions

(Musings On Iraq review Invisible War, The United States And The Iraq Sanctions)

1992 UN investigation found that govt had executed hundreds of people in southern marshes in recent


1992 Peshmerga launched counterattack upon Iraqi army in Kalak 60 killed

1993 After southern no fly zone created Iraqi forces began shelling and attacking southern marsh


1995 US intercepted Iraqi report that it had uncovered INC-KDP-PUK uprising White House had

not been informed about plan NSC ordered CIA to withdraw any support for plan

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq In The Eye of the Storm)

1998 UN Resolution 1154 allowed weapons inspectors at Iraq’s presidential palaces US was hoping to

cause a confrontation to strike Iraq

1998 Jesse Helm advisor Danielle Pletka organized Senate hearing on overthrowing Saddam Chalabi

testified Said he represented Iraqi people Said CIA couldn’t determine leadership of Iraq only Iraqis could Claimed he had following inside Iraq Pushed INC revolt plan to overthrow Saddam

(Musings On Iraq review The Man Who Pushed America To War, The Extraordinary Life, Adventures, and Obsessions of Ahmad Chalabi)

(Musings On Iraq review Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi and the Selling of the Iraq War)

1999 Wash Post reported that US intelligence was using UN inspectors to spy on Iraq something it

denied in Feb

(Musings On Iraq UN Inspectors and CIA Spying On Iraq In The 90s)

(Musings On Iraq US Used 90s UN Weapons Inspectors To Spy On Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq In The Eye of the Storm)

2003 Senior Bush admin official told NY Times UN weapons inspectors would not lead to anything

(Musings On Iraq UN Inspectors Were Right Iraq Was Not A Threat)

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s Rejection of UN Inspectors Led To Mistrust Over WMD and 2003 Invasion)

(Musings On Iraq Overview of America’s Policy Towards Iraq: From The Clinton Years To The

Sectarian War of 2006)

2003 Report US and UK increased air strikes in Iraq as part of no fly zone Were trying to weaken air

defenses before invasion

2003 SCIRI PUK KDP met in Kurdistan Abdul Aziz al-Hakim said parties needed to plan

immediately for postwar Iraq Barzani said PUK and KDP formed leadership group Didn’t want to make same mistakes of 1991 during uprising

2004 5 Al Qaeda in Iraq suicide bombers hit Karbala and Khadimiya during Ashura Killed 270

Wounded 570

(Musings On Iraq review Suicide Bombers In Iraq, The Strategy and Ideology of Martyrdom)

2007 300 ISI attacked funeral in Amiriya Fallujah for Feb 27 bombing of mosque attended by

Awakening leader Led to major battle between ISI vs Awakening police and army

(Musings On Iraq The Demise But Not Death of Al Qaeda In Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq How A Change In Perceptions Led To The Anbar Awakening)

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Carter Malkasian on Anbar Awakening)

(Musings On Iraq review Confronting Al Qaeda, The Sunni Awakening and American Strategy In Al Anbar)

(Musings On Iraq review The Marines Take Anbar, The Four-Year Fight Against Al Qaeda)

(Musings On Iraq review Illusions of Victory, The Anbar Awakening And The Rise Of The Islamic State)

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency)

2008 Mahdi Army and ISCI controlled ISF announced ceasefire in Nasiriya after 10 killed and 60

wounded in fighting between two sides

2008 Report Before Iran Pres Ahmadinejad came to Iraq Pres Talabani said Iraq would expel Mujahadeen e-

Khalq PM Maliki said he would work on matter as well

2009 Report Kurds asked US military to stay in Kurdistan because afraid PM Maliki would move

against them once Americans withdrew

2009 Head of Iran’s Expediency Council Rafsanjani came to Iraq for 5 days Pushed Shiite parties

to reform United Alliance for 2010 elections

(Musings On Iraq Iran’s Role In The Revival Of The United Iraqi Alliance)

(Musings On Iraq Iran’s Policy Towards Iraq)

2009 Report 100s of Sadrists protested in Diyala Claimed cheating in elections by Kurds and Iraqi

Islamic Party Joined by Fadhila politicians Claimed Shiites weren’t on voting lists and displaced couldn’t vote Shiites got 5 seats Before got 20 Was because Sunnis boycotted 2005 election

2010 Report May 09 Sadr Hakim Chalabi met in Tehran to form Iraqi National Alliance Chalabi was

peacemaker between longtime rivals Sadr and Hakim Part of plan by Iran to keep Shiites united to run govt

2010 Report Oil analyst said Iraq faced challenges reaching its 12 mil/bar/day production goal Said

were bottlenecks everywhere which would be hard to overcome

2010 Fouad Ajami OpEd in Wall St Journal Said 2010 election showed democracy taking hold in

Iraq Claimed sign of success of U.S. invasion Said few elections in MidEast Said deBaathification of 500 candidates was unfortunate but Iraqis needed to run their own elections Said deBaathification misunderstood in US Claimed Wasn’t about sectarianism but rather to put off mass slaughter of all Baathists Claimed Bremer’s decision to ban Baath great benefit to Iraq to stop revenge killings Said remarkable how little violence vs Baathists Rejected claims Iraq under influence of Iran Said Iraqis rejected Iran Said US support for Shiite led govt in Iraq was changing MidEast Rejected idea that Saddam was buffer vs Iran saying Iran had influence in Lebanon and Syria in 1980s and 90s Thought Iraqi democracy would be real buffer to Iran Was attempt to justify his support of 2003 invasion

(Musings On Iraq Review The Foreigner’s Gift, The Americans, the Arabs, and the Iraqis in Iraq)

(Musings Om Iraq Fouad Ajami’s Flawed Argument For The Iraq War)

2011 Sadrists said they no longer supported PM Maliki because of his failures Accused Maliki of protecting

more than 4000 for corruption Was response to protests

2011 Report 1000s of peshmerga deployed outside Kirkuk city Kurdish politicians in province claimed were

going to be attacks against Kurds Warned Kurds not to take part in protests Kurdish MP said Arab Political Council and tribal council planned to attack Asayesh govt offices and police stations Feb 25 during Day of Rage protest Arabs in Hawija dist had photos of Saddam Waved old Iraqi flag Called for Art 140 to decide fate of disputed areas be annulled ISF fired at crowd 1 killed Gorran accused KDP-PUK of coming up with plot in Kirkuk to distract from internal issues in KRG Said wanted Kurds to focus on Kirkuk rather than KRG Arab political council and Iraqi Turkmen Front demanded peshmerga withdraw from province US said peshmerga were only there to secure province

2011 Report Govt using bribes and force to stop protests Pressure on protests increased after Feb Day of

Rage PM Maliki responded with police and shooting into crowd ISF went after activists and journalists since then ISF and intel tried to find organizers especially those that used Internet Activist said organizers were arrested Govt denied any arrests Before protests govt handed out land loans money to reporters through journalists union Union denied bribes Most media didn’t report on Day of Rage Activists said bribes reason why Human rights activists said ISF targeted reporters in Mosul Baghdad Anbar for covering protests

2011 Press Freedom Observatory made deal with Baghdad Ops Command to allow media to have live

coverage of protests

2011 Karbala govt and MPs from province accused Baathists of being behind protests Claimed Baathists

had been arrested carrying weapons during protests Other MPs rejected claims

2011 Report Basra Babil Wasit governors Fallujah city council 3 officials from Riyad dist in Kirkuk all

resigned due to protests

2012 1000s protested in Hit Anbar against Assad govt

2014 Report Economics prof at Sulaymaniya Univ said KRG relied upon monthly budget payments from

Baghdad Said couldn’t run without it Said independent oil exports to Turkey would cause all kinds of problems Said KRG should’ve saved over the yrs to prepare for economic downturns Said KRG had no savings because lacked sound economic policies PM Maliki ended budget payments over KRG’s oil policy

2015 Offensive to free Tikrit began Iran’s Gen Suleimani helped plan op US not taking part because

led by Hashd and Iran

(Musings On Iraq Could Salahaddin Operation Be A Game Changer For Iran Vs US Influence In Iraq?)

(Musings On Iraq U.S.-Iranian Rivalry Behind Iraq’s Tikrit Operation)

(Musings On Iraq Divisions Over Iraq War Exposed In Victory In Tikrit)

(Musings On Iraq Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Commander General Suleimani And His Role In Iraq, An Interview With The New Yorker’s Dexter Filkins)

2015 Report Iran provided drones heavy weapons ground forces for Tikrit op Iranian Rev Guard

operated artillery and rockets during op Quds Force cmdr Gen Suleimani was at front providing aid US didn’t provide air strikes or advisors as a result

2015 Badr’s Amiri claimed all the areas east of Tikrit cleared of IS Said US couldn’t protect Iraq

Said Coalition air strikes weren’t doing anything

2015 Kurdish official complained Hashd recruited Yazidis in Sinjar dist Ninewa Head of Sinjar

Mobilization Force said it was popular and getting Yazidis to join Funded by KDP KDP created Yazdis security force but didn’t pay them Yazidi official said if didn’t get money they would quit security force

2015 Report Displaced Sunni claimed Badr killed civilians after his village in Muqdadiya dist Diyala

was taken Claimed 71 killed Another displaced accused Badr of killing people in his village

2016 Report Interior Min Ghabban said purchase of fake bomb detectors corrupt Undermined

security Minister said officials took bribes to buy detectors also blocked investigation into matter UK manufacturer of detectors convicted of fraud in 2013 Trial revealed detectors had no working parts Interior Min investigation found 75% of money spent on detectors went to kickbacks to officials Manufacturer admitted to paying bribes to officials Interior Min was still using devices

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s Interior Minister: Fake Bomb Detectors Fiasco)

2017 Rojava peshmerga tried to enter area in Sinjar dist controlled by Sinjar Protection Units (YBS)

who stopped peshmerga at checkpoints Led to arguments Peshmerga officer said area was part of KRG and YBS/PKK had no right to stop them PKK leader accused KDP of trying to provoke them PKK claimed KRG Pres Barzani had meeting with Turkey’s Pres Erdogan and led to confrontation

2017 Report PUK forces entered North Oil Company offices in Kirkuk Head of PUK office in

Kirkuk said was sign to PM Abadi that Kirkuk’s oil was for Kirkuk Gave Baghdad ultimatum to stop exporting oil from province

2018 2nd report that General Dynamics withdrew most of its maintenance crews for Iraqi army’s Abrams

because Hashd had some of the tanks

(Musings On Iraq General Dynamics Withdraws Technicians Over Pro-Iran Hashd Possessing Abrams Tanks)

(Musings On Iraq Iraqi Army Supplied Pro-Iran Hashd With US Abrams Tanks)

2018 Report 2015 when IS at its peak official outlets made 100s of release each wk Talked about it

being a state and its alternative lifestyle Changed since lost Mid-2016 stopped almost all its audio and visual releases online Posts on Telegram almost stopped 2017 IS info ops again dropped Last 3 months of 2017 barely had any releases online Start 2018 tried to pick up output

2018 Report IS asserting itself in northern Iraq ISF withdrew from several villages in south Kirkuk

Large parts of Diyala where ISF couldn’t patrol at night because of IS

2019 Report 50 MPs submitted bill in Feb to review Status of Forces Agreement with US Pro-

Iran parties called for US withdrawal Kataib Hezbollah spokesman claimed 31 US bases and 34,000 US troops in Iraq US said 5200 troops in Iraq and no bases Said US in Iraq at request of govt

2020 Mohammed Allawi resigned as premier designate after failing to get parliament to approve his cabinet

(Musings On Iraq Allawi Gives Up Forming Govt As Iraqi Elite Fail Again)

2020 Pro-Iran groups fired rockets at Baghdad’s Green Zone 4th such incident in 2020

(Musings On Iraq Tit For Tat Between U.S. and Pro-Iran Hashd Continues)

2020 Kataib Hezbollah spokesman Tweeted that some people were going to nominate PM

who took part in killing of Iran Gen Suleimani Said would be declaration of war vs Iraq Said PM Abdul Mahdi should stay in office until elections held Claimed Najaf clergy could change demand that he resign Was reference to nominating Kazemi who was intel head and considered pro-US

2020 Activist assassinated in Basra Protests in Basra Diwaniya

2021 With price for Iraqi crude passing $60/barrel PM Kazemi claimed economic collapse was over

and White Paper which was never implemented led to important reforms

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s PM Touts Reforms That Haven’t Happened To Claim Economic Crisis Over)

2022 Report Political parties said they wanted to investigate those responsible for killing protesters

and bring them to justice Created investigative comm Pushed by Imtidad Party created out of protest movement Govt said 560 protesters killed Were 11 previous investigative comms Nasiriya committee accused 5 sr ISF officers of being behind violence Also found Hashd responsible for violence Activist said all the committees had same fate with political interference that stopped anything from happening

(Musings On Iraq UN Report On Violence Against Iraqi Protesters)

(Musings On Iraq United Nations Faults Iraq For Failing To Protect Protesters)

2022 Report Oil production in KRG fell for 3rd yr in a row 2019 KRG production peaked at 484,000

bar/day Was down to 438,000 bar/day in 2022 Problem is KRG still not consistently paying oil companies They warned production could continue to drop if not paid consistently and on time Natural Resource Min has made unilateral changes to cut profits to oil companies to pay for its bloated public sector Needs $600 mil/mo to pay KRG govt workers KRG raised pipeline fees on companies Changed prices formula to reduce amount paid to companies KRG also largely cut off from budget payments from Baghdad because can’t agree on oil policy and budget KRG also billions in debt Oil prices fell end of 2022 which imposed more financial problems on KRG Khor Mor gas field attacked in 2022 that cut back expansion of field KDP and PUK in political dispute over control of KRG and has blocked building pipeline to Khor Mor to Turkey

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