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This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 9 Jamil Midfai became PM 1st of 5 times would hold office



1914 With English attack on Basra coming locals went to Shiite clergy asking for help to defend


1933 Jamil al-Midfai became PM 1st of 5 times

(Musings On Iraq review The Chatham House Version and other Middle-Eastern Studies)

1969 Revolutionary Command Council went from 5 to 15 All new members were Baathists Saddam

become vice chairman

1982 Saddam called for referendum in Iraq and Iran to see who was more popular he or Khomeini

1989 Sec of State Baker offered Iraq $1 bil in grain credits even though knew Iraq was abusing

program by demanding kickbacks

(Musings On Iraq review The United States And Iraq Since 1990: A Brief History with Documents)

1990 UK intel report said Iraq had weaponized anthrax and plague and could use them at any time

Was based upon single source whose reliability had not been established yet

(Musings On Iraq Chilcot Report Sec 1.1 UK Iraq Strategy 1990 To 2000)

2004 Marines cleared Jolan neighborhood 2nd Battle of Fallujah

(Musings On Iraq review The Battle for Fallujah, Occupation, Resistance and Stalemate in the War in Iraq)

2004 Iraqi Islamic Party withdrew from interim govt due to 2nd Battle of Fallujah Industry Min

Hasani refused to quit and was expelled from party

2004 Insurgents seized 66% of Mosul’s police stations

2005 Al Qaeda in Iraq bombed 3 western hotels in Jordan Led to condemnation of Zarqawi by


2005 Haditha massacre After Marine killed by IED his unit killed 24 Iraqi civilians Cmdr said

nothing wrong happened

2006 Head of Iraqi Red Crescent Dr Azawi kidnapped by police in front of his house Was released

for ransom

2006 Spec Insp Gen for Iraq Recon Bowen told BBC Iraqi corruption could cost $4 bil a year Said

lack of skilled staff in Iraqi govt meant $8-$10 bil of budget couldn’t be spent

(Musings On Iraq Corruption In Iraq An Interview With Stuart Bowen Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction)

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s Trouble Fighting Corruption Interview With Vincent Foulk Former US Anti-Graft Official)

2007 Islamic Army accused ISI of killing 4 of its leaders led to 2 days of fighting between two

groups in Samarra

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency)

(Musings On Iraq review The Caliphate At War, Operational Realities and Innovations of the Islamic State)

2008 Female suicide bomber blew herself up in front of hospital in Fallujah Killed 3 wounded 10

Another female bomber attacked a checkpoint in Baquba Diyala Klled 4 sahwa

(Musings On Iraq The Rise of Female Suicide Bombers)

(Musings On Iraq Motivations Behind Female Suicide Bombers)

(Musings On Iraq review Suicide Bombers In Iraq, The Strategy and Ideology of Martyrdom)

2008 US general reported 2,750 Sahwa from Baghdad entered police academy 6,000 more expected

US had to pressure Maliki govt to do so

2009 Sahwa leaders in Dora Baghdad and Baquba Diyala arrested Part of PM Maliki’s crackdown

on Sahwa

(Musings On Iraq Problems With Integrating Sons of Iraq Continue)

2009 Report Talks between Iran-Iraq over water failed

2011 PM Maliki speech in Karbala Said Baathists had to admit to their crimes and sign confession

paper Otherwise would be prosecuted Came during latest Baathist crackdown by govt

2012 Interview with Central Bank of Iraq dir Shabibi Said Maliki govt wanted to use bank’s reserve

to finance electricity projects and part of budget Bank said no because unconstitutional and violated bank’s independence Shabibi and 30 other bank officials then charged with corruption by PM Maliki Analyst said was political move by Maliki

2012 Report VP Shahristani told Gazprom it had to cancel its deal with KRG otherwise couldn’t

work on Basra oil field Aug Gazprom singed for 2 blocks in KRG

2013 State of Law MP said Sunni protests weren’t important anymore Claimed PM Maliki made

agreement with Anbar tribes and local leaders Said Maliki supported Anbar Governor Diab as representative for protests Said Maliki made deal with Sheikh Abu Risha over Awakening

2014 IS killed 70 more members of Albu Nimr tribe in Hit Anbar

2015 Report Central Bank of Iraq moved against several banks and businesses for forging

documents to take US$ out of Iraq from 2012-14 Came after financial committee said $4.2 bil smuggled out of Iraq through banks and companies One document showed in 2014 bank used forged docs to buy $6.5 bil from Central Bank of Iraq from 2012-14 and sent money to Jordan

2016 Report IS forced 25,000 people from Shirqat Salahaddin into Hawija Kirkuk to be used as

human shields Forced out 80 families from town west of Mosul to set up defenses there

2016 People in Hamam al-Alil Ninewa began carrying out revenge attacks on IS sympathizers and

families Burned around 20 homes Kicked out 8 families

2017 PM Abadi said he would take on corruption next Said would be like war on terrorism Didn’t

do anything

2017 Report Tuz Kharmato said most of 50,000 Kurds in dist fled Mayor fled as well 7 people

killed in clashes with Hashd

2018 Protest in Basra demanding referendum be held to turn province into autonomous region

(Musings On Iraq Protests Return To Iraq’s Basra After Having Failed To Achieve Goals During Summer)

2019 Protests at Um Qasr and Basra city finally ended by security forces 17-18 protesters

killed over 2 days

(Musings On Iraq After Shutting Down Basra Protests Crackdown Moves To Baghdad)

(Musings On Iraq UN Report On Violence Against Iraqi Protesters)

(Musings On Iraq United Nations Faults Iraq For Failing To Protect Protesters)

2019 ISF swept people from three bridges in central Baghdad 6 killed Baghdad Ops

Command denied that it used tear gas or live ammo on demonstrators but did

2019 Report that ISF infiltrated crowd at Baghdad’s Tahrir Sq Activists disappearing

2019 Attempt on life of professional bodybuilder that took part in Baghdad protests

2020 Report Norwegian Refugee Council warned against Kazemi govt plan to close displaced

camps Said Could leave 100,000 homeless Warned people didn’t return home because houses destroyed Almost half people forced to leave camps in Baghdad and Karbala not gone back to home areas

2021 Integrity Comm arrested head of Mosul Mosque Reconstruction Committee and other

members Forged receipts for reconstruction work on 37 mosques to steal 2 bil dinars

2021 Report Quds Force cmdr Gen Qaani upset with drone attack on PM Kazemi’s house Qaani

met with Pro-Iran Hashd and told them to stand down and accept election results and join other Shiite parties in one bloc Iranian Foreign Min said it would help find those responsible for drone strike

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