Friday, July 13, 2018

This Day in Iraqi History - Jul 13

1958 Col Arif gained control of 20th Brigade and began march towards Baghdad
            from Diyala to start 1958 coup
1959 Gen Qasim appointed several Communists to his cabinet
1982 Iran’s Op Ramadan invaded Iraqi territory for 1st time in attempt to seize Basra
Took 10 miles of territory and then stopped Consisted of 5 human wave attacks with 100,000 troops against Iraqi lines
1982 Iraq used tear gas to turn back Iranian attacks
1988 Iraq threatened to invade southern Iran if it didn’t withdraw from Kurdistan
1988 Iraq launched another offensive operation into Iranian territory to increase its
            negotiating position with Tehran
2001 Deputy Secretary of State Armitage suggested that Bush make Iraq the top foreign
            policy issue
2003 Iraqi Governing Council announced its formation and held first session Mohammed
            al-Uloom became premier
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraqi Governing Council)
2003 After White House blamed CIA for Bush using Iraq-Africa uranium story CIA
            leaked it had blocked story from being used before
2003 Blair said he still believed story Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa CIA
            questioned its veracity
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2005 UndersecDef Feith said US didn’t train enough Kurds and Iraqi exiles to help
with security before 03 invasion Said US officials relucatant to end CPA early in 2003 Said US military not Pentagon determined size of invasion force
2005 US army officers refuted Feith saying Pentagon curtailed troop deployments to
            Iraq before and after invasion
2006 For the first time in Iraq US military turned over security in a province to Iraqi
            forces Happened in Muthanna
2008 Islamic Party said Iraqi forces should not take control of security in Anbar because
            Awakening was not ready Sheikhs Sulaiman and Hayes agreed
(Musings On Iraq article on security handover of Anbar)
2015 Campaign started to recapture Ramadi from IS

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