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This Day In Iraqi History - Jul 7

1921 American consul in Baghdad wrote that Faisal would become King of Iraq
            even though he was unpopular in the country
1973 Police Chief Kazzar and 20 other coup plotters found guilty and given death
1973 Baath Regional Congress expanded membership to accommodate Saddam
1987 UN Resolution 598 called for ceasefire in Iran-Iraq War
1991 Iraq Foreign Min Hussein told UN that it would make a declaration of its
            nuclear program
1991 Hussein said Iraq had not violated Non-Proliferation Treaty or IAEA safeguards
1991 Iraq’s concealment committee met Decided to reveal details about nuke program
            after inspectors found site
1991 Concealment committee decided to secretly destroy WMD programs and
            materials to hide them from inspectors
1991 Would prove long term problem because Iraq could never fully prove what it
            destroyed and what it was hiding to inspectors
1997 Turkey withdrew its forces from Kurdistan after killing over 2,000 PKK fighters
2003 CPA suspended Iraq’s old banking laws as part of reform program
2003 Rumsfeld told Senate US didn't go to war with Iraq because it had dramatic new
            evidence of its WMD programs
2003 White House admitted Bush’s State of Union claim Iraq tried to buy uranium
            from Africa shouldn't have been used
2003 Cheney’s chief of staff Libby told White House spokesman Fleischer fmr Amb
            Wilson’s wife sent him to Niger to investigate Iraq-Niger uranium deal
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 SCIRI dropped objection to joining Iraqi Governing Council after lobbying by
2003 UK parliament’s Foreign Affairs comm report on UK dossier said was not sexed
            up by Blair govt
2003 UK Foreign Affairs comm report said Blair govt didn’t mislead parliament but
            misstated some of the intel on Iraq’s WMD
2003 UK Foreign Affairs comm report said claim Iraq could use WMD in 45 min
            should not have been so prominent in dossier
2003 UK parliament’s Foreign Affairs comm report said UK dossier on Iraq WMD
            should’ve been more qualified on story Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa
2003 State Dept intel agency sent memo to DepSec State Armitage originally from
            June that said Iraq-Niger docs were fakes
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2004 Gen Casey told Bush 70% of Fallujah Brigade had joined insurgency
2004 Sen Intel Comm found major judgements in Oct 02 Natl Intel Est on Iraq’s
            WMD and nuke program were overstated and generally not supported
2004 Sen Intel Comm found US intel claims Iraq had WMD and programs larger than
            before Gulf War were overstated
2004 Sen Intel Comm found US had evidence Iraq buying dual use equipment Uncertain
            Iraq had destroyed its WMD stocks after Gulf War
2004 Sen Intel Comm found US intel didn’t have much good info on Iraq’s WMD
            and nuke programs after UN inspections ended in 1998
2004 Sen Intel Comm found US intel suffered from group think Assumed Iraq had
            WMD Assumed everything it did was to expand those programs
2004 Senate Intel Comm report on pre-war intel found that all of CIA’s claims about
            Iraq renewed nuke program were wrong and weak to begin with
2004 Sen Intel Comm found CIA justified to claim Iraq-Al Qaeda might have
            cooperated based upon pre-war intel
2005 Iraq and Iran’s Defense Ministries signed military cooperation agreement
2005 Report Human Rights Min said Iraqi forces carried out random arrests not using
            warrants torturing and abusing prisoners
2005 Report Human Rights Min official said Iraqi forces conducting extrajudicial
            killings and govt not doing anything about it
2005 Report $8.8 bil went missing in Iraqi ministries during CPA period 03-05
2006 Bush said Americans were wondering if US could win Iraq war Said US was
(Musings On Iraq article on pre-Surge US Iraq strategy)
2006 Gen Casey given investigative report on Marines killing Iraqi civilians in Haditha
2006 Integrity Commission head Radi said weak institutions and lack of punishment led
            to uncontrolled corruption
2008 Maliki said he wanted a memo of understanding on withdrawal of US forces instead
            of a Status of Forces Agreement which was stalled
(Musings On Iraq article on negotiations over SOFA)
2008 Female suicide bomber hit market in Baquba 23rd female suicide bombing of the
(Musings On Iraq article on female suicide bombers)
2008 Report 94% decline in attacks by ISI 25 in Nov 07 vs 334 Nov 06
(Musings On Iraq article on ISI attacks)
2013 Pres Barzani visited Baghdad to try to resolve problems with Maliki

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