Wednesday, July 18, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jul 18

1926 Turkey and England agreed on final border between Iraq and Turkey
1937 Friendship Treaty between Iraq and Iran Was mostly about setting border between
1979 Saddam accused Revolutionary Command Council member Mashadi and 4
            others of Syrian backed coup plot Meant to remove Saddam’s opponents
1988 Iran and Iraq agreed upon ceasefire under UN Resolution 598
1990 Saddam moved 3 tank divisions to Iraq-Kuwait border
1990 Saddam demanded that Kuwait repay for allegedly stealing oil and nullify debt from
            Iran-Iraq War
1990 Kuwait cabinet believed Iraq threats were to get it to continue financial
            aid to Baghdad Thought if there was military action with Iraq would just be
            along border
1990 Sec Def Cheney said US would defend Kuwait Pentagon later said press
            exaggerated his statement
1991 UN inspectors found hidden Iraqi missile program and destroyed equipment
1998 UN inspectors went to Iraq Air Force HQ Found document showing Iraqis used
mustard gas tabun sarin gas gangrene during Iran-Iraq War in huge quantities Iraqis refused to let inspectors keep the document
(Musings On Iraq article on UN weapons inspections)
2003 Pentagon approved CPA’s Vision for Iraq to build a democratic country
2003 Sadr attacked Iraqi Governing Council as unbelievers Announced that he was
            creating Mahdi Army to fight US and British occupation
2003 White House answered questions about making Iraq-Africa uranium claim that
CIA opposed Tried to blame CIA for including Iraq-Africa uranium claim in Bush State of the Union
2003 Sr White House official asked about problems with WMD claims in Bush State of
            Union said President not a fact checker
2003 Aid to Natl Sec Adv Rice blamed for pushing CIA to allow Iraq-Africa uranium
            claim into Bush State of the Union
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 6 US soldiers in Fallujah that complained to news about extended tours discharged
            by White House
2004 Insurgents offered $285,000 reward for anyone that could kill PM Allawi
2005 Ayatollah Sistani said violence in Iraq reaching level of a genocidal war
2005 Meeting on Iraq reconstruction in Jordan said that US rebuilding program failed to
            provide basic services
2005 Weekly Standard article claimed Iraq considered bin Laden an intelligence asset in
92 and worked together in terrorist plots Included conspiracy theory that Iraq behind 1993 World Trade Center bombing
2007 US captured Al Qaeda liaison to ISI Abu Shaheed who fed disinformation to US
            that ISI front for Al Qaeda and Abu Masri didn’t exist
2008 Report US forces trying to shut down Iranian supply networks to militias in Basra
            Maysan Wasit Diyala
(Musings On Iraq article on going after Iran’s supply lines in Iraq)
2014 IS said all minorities in Mosul had to convert to Islam, pay religious tax or die
            Started exodus of Christians from city
2015 Basra governor says he would meet demands of protesters by releasing prisoners
            replacing electricity director
2017 PM Abadi acknowledged Iraqi forces had committed human rights abuses during
Mosul battle but said they were individual acts and they would be punished Said any member of security forces that committed violations during Mosul battle was either ignorant of consequences or working with IS Nothing happened

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