Wednesday, July 4, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jul 4

1937 Iraq-Iran Frontier Treaty signed attempting to resolve long standing border
            dispute Iraq given most of Shatt al-Arab
1937 Political instability in Iraq and WW2 meant Iraq-Iran Frontier Treaty never
1937 Iraq-Iran Frontier Treaty angered pan-Arabists and helped lead to 1938 coup by
            Golden Square officers
1940 Regent of Iraq asked England to occupy Syria that had joined Vichy France so that
            pan-Arab union could be formed of Iraq Syria and other Arab countries
1969 Iraq signed technical agreement with Soviets to help with oil
1986 Iraqis launched counter attack but failed to retake Mehran, Iran
1991 Parliament passed law allowing opposition parties but with restrictions on their
1992 Kurdistan Regional Government formed in safe zone
1994 Barzani and Talabani announced they were still unified against Iraqi govt while
            PUK and KDP were in middle of civil war
1995 Turkey launched new operation to attack PKK in northern Kurdistan
1998 IAEA report to UN Iraq did not have nuclear weapons Iraqi scientists had not given
            complete access IAEA would focus upon long term monitoring
(Musings On Iraq article on UN weapons inspections)
2003 Marines in control of Najaf set provincial elections for this date but were
            cancelled by CPA
2003 US arrested 32 Turkish special forces in Sulaymaniya Accused them of plotting
            to assassinate Kurdish officials
2003 Arrest of Turkish Special forces led to protests in Turkey and bombing of US
            consulate in Istanbul
2003 Saddam tape aired on Al Jazeera Blamed US and UK for destroying Iraq looking
for WMD that didn’t exist Saddam said he would lead resistance to occupation of Iraq
2005 US found 170 prisoners at secret prison in Baghdad run by Interior Min
            Were told to leave it alone by commanders
2006 Abu Risha tribe in Ramadi district made first police recruiting drive
2006 Bush told US troops they were winning war in Iraq
(Musings On Iraq article on pre-Surge US Iraq strategy)
2007 US captured ISI media emir Mashadani Told US lie that Abu Omar Baghdadi was
            a fake and ISI still under Al Qaeda control
2014 Baghdadi declared caliphate from Nouri Mosque Mosul ISIS would now be Islamic
            State He was Caliph Ibrahim
2014 1st issue of IS’s English language Dabiq magazine came out saying caliphate was
            a de facto state

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