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This Day In Iraqi History - Jul 17

1920 British worked out ceasefire with Iraqi rebels to end siege of Abu Sukhair
1925 Frontier Commission report to League of Nations on where border between Turkey
and UK controlled Iraq should be Said Mosul vilyat should be in Iraq after British seized it after WW1 armistice
(Musings On Iraq article on how Mosul province became part of Iraq)
1951 Iraq made last payment to Turkey of oil revenues in return for giving up claims
            to Mosul after WWI
1958 Gen. Qasim sent delegation to meet with Gen. Nasser of Egypt to talk uniting 2
1968 Baath coup overthrew Pres Arif Gen Bakr became president Col Naif premier
and Col Daud Defense Minister
1968 Saddam had lawyer Shawkat executed in Baghdad for refusing him money in
1973 Baath created National Progressive Front with Communists
1973 Pres Bakr claimed govt had implemented most of autonomy plan for Kurds but
            Kurds were undermining it
1975 Pres Bakr on 7th anniversary of Baath coup said Iraq would reach out to Gulf
            countries to improve relations
1978 Saddam interview with Newsweek said Palestinians could come to Iraq to plan
            terrorist attacks
1979 Public celebrations held for Saddam’s election to presidency
1979 Saddam called for Iraqi-Iranian friendship after Iranian Revolution
1980 Iraqi govt took out ad in NY Times praising Saddam’s rule and comparing him to
            Abbasid caliphate
1988 Saddam speech at 20th anniversary of Baath seizing power Said Iraq wanted
            to end Iran-Iraq War
1988 Iran told UN it would accept ceasefire in Iran-Iraq War if both sides withdrew
            from each others’ territory
1990 Saddam accused Kuwait and UAE of overproducing oil Said some Gulf states were
working with US against Iraq Said if Gulf states didn’t change their policies Iraq would take action to protect its interests Said Iraq would protect itself from Israeli aggression
(Musings On Iraq article on Saddam’s motivation for threatening Israel before the Kuwait invasion)
1995 PUK accused KDP of working with Iraqi army to attack Irbil
2001 Saddam speech on anniversary of Baath coup said tyrants would not be able to
            overthrow him and he would not be defeated
2002 34th anniversary of Baath coup Saddam gave speech saying he would defeat all
            the powerful and evil people arrayed against him
2002 Iraq issued arrest warrant for Zarqawi who had been traveling through the
            country from Iran
2002 Rumsfeld told Gen Franks projected war preparations costs by 12/1/02 would be
around $700 mil US was expanding air fields and pre-positioning fuel in northern section of Kuwait
2003 CENTCOM cmdr Gen Abizaid said US facing classic guerrilla war in Iraq
2003 Saddam tape aired on Al Arabiya TV on anniversary of Baath coup Said Bush and
            Blair lied to justify war Condemned Iraqi Governing Council
2003 Report Pentagon set up its own intelligence office on Iraq before war
2003 Time reporter govt officials told him fmr Amb Wilson’s wife was CIA official
Talked with Cheney Chief of Staff Libby about matter beforehand Libby leaking information about Wilson’s wife in attempt to discredit him for opposing Iraq-Niger uranium story White House promoted
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 Gen Moseley 02-03 US-UK aircraft conducted 21,736 sorties and dropped more than
600 bombs on 391 targets Air raids were part No Fly zones but were aimed at weakening Iraqi defense before 03 invasion
2005 Iraqi court filed charges against Saddam for executing people in Dujail in 1982
2005 Shiite MP Khuzai said time to bring back militias because Interior and Defense
            Ministries had failed to stop terrorism
2005 Iraq-Iran deal signed for $1 bil line of credit to buy Iranian products
2005 Report Bush signed and then rescinded order to provide covert aid to candidates
            in Iraq’s 2005 Jan elections
2005 Congressional Budget Office reported military and reconstruction spending on
            Iraq cost U.S. $218.2 bil 03-05
2007 Truck bomb in Amerli Salahaddin killed 156

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