Monday, July 16, 2018

This Day in Iraqi History - Jul 16

1921 Council of state confirmed plebiscite choosing Faisal as king of Iraq
1958 PM Said’s body dug up and dragged through streets of Baghdad
1968 Pres Arif asked head of military intel Col Naif and Col Daud commander of
            Republican Guard if they were involved in Baath coup They said no
1968 Baath meeting after coup called off vs Pres Arif Head of military intel Col
Naif said he would join if he got premiership
1970 2nd provisional constitution issued by Pres Bakr Said Iraq People’s Democratic
            Republic committed to Arab unity and socialism
1979 Saddam’s election to president of Iraq made public
1979 Nouri al-Maliki fled Iraq after his membership in Dawa Party was discovered
            by govt
1981 Saudis offered to finance reconstruction of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor destroyed
            by Israeli air raid
1988 After capturing 30 mi of Iranian territory along the border Iraqi forces withdrew
            back into Iraq
1988 Iran’s Assembly of Experts agreed to present ceasefire proposal in Iran-Iraq
            war based upon UN Res 598 to Khomeini Khomeini agreed to ceasefire
1990 Saddam on TV accused Kuwait and UAE of breaking OPEC quotas and driving
            down oil prices
1990 Iraq moved a division to border with Kuwait as feud between two escalated
            Wanted to see how west would react
1990 Iraq ForMin Aziz letter to Arab League said Kuwait stealing oil from Rumail field
driving down oil prices destroying Iraq’s economy Called on Arab govts to forgive Iraq’s debt and help pay for rebuilding after Iran-Iraq War
2002 Blair told parliament Iraq’s WMD threat to world and had to be dealt with but
            no decision for military action made
2003 Fadhila Party created in Basra as breakaway faction from Sadr movement
            Sheikh Yacoubi claimed he was heir to Ayatollah Sadiq al-Sadr
2003 Mayor of Haditha and his son assassinated by insurgents
2005 Musayib Babil suicide truck bomb left 250 casualties
2007 Kirkuk bombings killed 86
2008 US Surge officially ended
2008 US turned over security for Qadisiyah to Iraqi forces
(Musings On Iraq article on turnover of Qadisiyah)
2015 Basra protest over services fired upon by police 1 Protester killed

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