Monday, July 9, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jul 9

1962 Iraqi planes bombed Turkish border post during operation against Kurdish
            rebels killing 2 Turkish soldiers
1963 Soviet Union accused Arif govt of genocide against Kurds
1973 Another 36 coup plotters tried including Regional Command members Samarriea
            and Fadil and given death sentences
1978 Former Prime Minister after 1968 Baath coup Naif shot in London by Iraqi agents on
            orders from Saddam
1980 Iraq backed failed military coup in Iran vs Khomeini
1982 Pres Rafsanjani said Iran would accept peace if 1975 border treaty retained
            $100 bil in reparations Saddam tried as war criminal
1988 Iraq recaptured 23 mountain peaks in Mawet area of Kurdistan
1990 US Amb to Iraq Glaspie said that US working on releasing 2nd half of
            $1 bil loan guarantees to Baghdad
1996 UN Sec Council asked US for info about Iraq smuggling to get around sanctions
1997 KDP accused PUK of breaking ceasefire attacking its positions with help of PKK
2003 CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Franks told Congress violence in Iraq meant no US troop
            withdrawal anytime soon
2003 Rumsfeld told Congress Iraq was costing US around $3.9 bil a month
2003 Rumsfeld told Congress Iraq war wasn't because new evidence about Iraq’s
            WMD but because saw Iraq differently after 9/11
2003 Fmr State Dept Military Intel officer Thielman told Congress US govt
            misrepresented intel about Iraq threat
2004 Iraqi defector Zubaidi claimed INC embellished reports of defectors about
            Iraq’s WMD INC denied story
2004 Bush said everyone believed Iraq had stocks of WMD and Saddam wanted those
            WMD programs
2005 Al Qaeda’s Zawahiri sent Iraq strategy letter to Zarqawi Expel US Declare
            emirate that would become caliphate Expand to other nations
2005 Zawahiri also told Zarqawi he should include more Iraqis in Al Qaeda in Iraq
2005 Zawahiri warned Zarqawi attacks upon Muslim civilians could cost him heart and
            minds and support
2006 Maliki announced Op Together Forward 2 would start to secure Baghdad after 1st
failed in days
(Musings On Iraq article on pre-Surge US Iraq strategy)
2006 Militiamen in Jihad, Baghdad pulled Sunnis from cars and executed at least 50
2006 Article on State Dept report on Interior Min Said corruption human rights abuses
            sectarian violence connections to insurgents and militias undermined ministry
2006 US officials said Jadriya prison in Baghdad run by Mahmoud Waeli Badr’s intel
            head and renegade faction of Interior Ministry
2012 KRG said it would barter oil for refined products with Turkey
2014 Human Rights Watch recorded 61 Sunni civilians killed by Hashd in last

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