Sunday, April 1, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 1

1941 PM Hashemi deposed in Golden Square officers coup after Hashemi tried
            to remove them
(Musings On Iraq article on 1941 coup)
1941 Army surrounded royal palace Regent escaped to Anbar with help of US
            ambassador Nuri al-Said and other pro-British politicians fled Iraq
1941 US and England believed Iraq coup part of German plan in coordination with
            invasion of Balkans and Libya Wasn’t
1941 Golden Square officers thought British were plotting against them
1975 Iraqi amnesty offer to Kurdish rebels and army deserters expired
1975 Iran closed border to Kurds fleeing Iraqi government offensive against them
1980 Islamic Action Organization made attempt on Dep PM Tariq Aziz at Mustansiriya
Univ, Baghdad
1988 End of 2nd Anfal campaign
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
1989 Saddam held elections for new parliament as part of political reform after
            Iran-Iraq War 160 of 250 seats went to Baathists
1990 Saddam speech said if US supported Israeli attack on Iraq he would burn
(Musings On Iraq article on Saddam’s motivation for threatening Israel before the Kuwait invasion)
1991 Peshmerga repelled govt attack to retake Sulaymaniya
1991 Saddam’s forces put down Kurdish revolt in Zakho
1991 Barzani said 3 mil Kurds had fled to northern mountains along Turkish border
            to escape govt attacks
2002 UK ambassador to US Meyer warned Bush thinking of war with Iraq by
            autumn but no postwar plans
2003 US attacked Najaf Kut Samawa Hindiya Headed towards Hillah
2003 ORHA head Garner made 1 day trip to Um Qasr port 1st time in Iraq
2004 CPA adviser Larry Diamond told Bremer that there was a security vacuum in
            southern Iraq being filled by militias
2004 Gen Kimmitt promised to pacify Fallujah after Blackwater contractors killed
2004 US intel officer told press regime change in Iraq could have been promoted as part
            of war on terror but admin wanted to scare public using WMD
2005 Report White House and CIA leadership created environment where only threat of
            Iraq WMD reports were acceptable
2008 Maliki praised Badr and Dawa militia for helping to fight Mahdi Army in Basra
2008 Maliki promised jobs and better services after Charge of Knights in Basra
2009 National Reconciliation Committee said it began talks with Asaib Ahl Al-Haq
2009 Baghdad was supposed to take control of all Sahwa in Iraq from US forces
2010 Iran said it would host Iraqi parties that wanted to talk about forming new govt
2010 Gorran head Mustafa taken to court for defamation against Pres Talabani
2010 Iraqiya announced regional tour of Egypt Qatar Turkey Syrian and Iran to drum
            up support for forming new govt
2011 Protests in Baghdad against corruption and demanded release of prisoners
2012 Maliki said that if Pres Assad lost power there would be problems throughout
            the Middle East Condemned Gulf States arming Syrian rebels
2012 KRG halted oil exports for Baghdad over payment dispute
2012 VP Hashemi went to Qatar violating his arrest warrant
2013 ISI suicide truck bomb on Tikrit police station and govt center
2013 PUK said it would run independently of KDP in next KRG elections
2014 KRG said it would export oil for Baghdad to help with negotiations with central
            government over industry but didn’t happen
2014 Kataib Hezbollah said that it was involved in Shjariya operation in Anbar
2015 Mopping up operations in Tikrit with small attacks in north
2015 UN received reports that govt forces looting Tikrit after it was liberated and
            burning homes
2015 Sadr complained about brazen militias and said any that broke law should
            be brought to justice
2015 IS video of Ninewa sheikhs giving it baya
2016 PM Abadi’s nominee for Oil Minister in new technocratic cabinet withdrew
            name saying no consensus on changes
2016 Maliki faction of State of Law said it would only support partial cabinet change
2016 Kurdish Alliance said if Fin Min Zebari was replaced they would not vote
            on new cabinet
2016 Higher Educ Min Shahristani and For Minister Jaafari refused to step down for
            Abadi’s cabinet changes
2016 Solution List complained that Abadi’s new cabinet was way to exclude some
            parties from power 

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