Friday, April 27, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 27

1982 French delegation returned to Iraq to help work on its Osirak nuclear
            reactor Left after Iranian bombing of reactor in 1980
1987 Iran Op Karbala 10 took 2 towns and 100 sq mi in Sulaymaniya
1987 Syria agreed to stop backing Iraqi Kurds
1991 Iraq made declaration of its nuclear program to UN inspectors but was hiding
most of it
2003 Report evidence found linking Ansar al-Islam with Al Qaeda
2003 Captured Mukhabarat documents showed it had meetings with Al Qaeda in 1990s
2003 Grenade thrown at 82nd Airborne troops wounding 2 in Ramadi
2003 Baghdad conference opened to discuss forming an Iraqi provisional govt with
            300 Iraqis attending Endorsed by US
2003 ORHA and Oil Ministry officials met and picked top positions in ministry
2008 Maliki met with VP Hashemi to try to get Accordance Front to end
            cabinet boycott
2008 40 MPs said Maliki’s crackdown on Sadr needed to end
2008 Baghdad Operations Command said they captured Iraqis trained and armed    
            by Iran to fight ISF
2009 Maliki announced Iraqi forces captured Abu Omar al-Bahgdadi Didn’t happen
2009 Maliki condemned US raid in Kut that killed 2 civilians calling it a crime
2012 Kurdish Alliance returned to Ninewa council after boycott started in 2009
            when Hadbaa took all the top posts after elections
2013 Peshmerga said it was moving into disputed areas of Kirkuk Diyala Salahaddin
            to protect against increased violence
2013 Maliki blamed Syria for rise of sectarianism and increased violence in Iraq
2013 Naqshibandi claimed they were behind rise in violence after ISF attacked
            Hawija protest site
2013 Anbar Operations Command set 24 hrs deadline for killers of 5 soldiers at
            Fallujah protest site to be turned over
2013 5 Anbar tribes said they were arming to fight ISI in province after 5 soldiers
            killed at Fallujah site
2013 2 tribes withdrew from Anbar protests after 5 soldiers killed at Fallujah site
2014 ISF claimed it was starting op to retake Fallujah that Anbar council denied
            was happening
2015 Arabs accused Peshmerga of destroying homes in 5 villages after freed from IS in
2015 Badr’s Ameri said using Hashd only way to free Anbar
2015 IS head Baghdadi called on Syrian fighters to help fight in Salahaddin and Anbar

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