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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 6

1922 Fatwa saying Saudi Wahabi Ikhwan were brigands and Shiites could fight
them published in Iraqi paper
1922 Shiite tribes mostly responded to fatwa Sunni ones thought Baghdad should deal
            with Ikhwan
1939 Abd al-Ilah named regent of Iraq to rule in place of infant King Ghazi
1941 British commander in Iraq asked for military reinforcements from Egypt but
turned down
1941 Iraq banned British military from moving from Habaniya base Confiscated
            radios from British Military Mission
1948 Port of Basra protest against Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1963 Iraq Syria Egypt started talks about uniting three countries Nasser didn’t want to
            share power with Baath so talks stalled
1972 Soviet PM Kosygin visited Baghdad to sign strategic agreement with Bakr govt
1979 Israeli agents sabotaged Osirak nuclear reactor while it was in France waiting to
            be shipped to Iraq
1980 Iraqi commandos fired rockets at Iranian oil field prelude to Iran-Iraq War
1984 Iran and Iraq announced end of 4th round of war of cities Iran-Iraq War
1984 Report UK firms sold agents to Iraq to make mustard gas and sarin
1985 UN Sec Gen deCuellar announced he would go to Baghdad and Tehran to try to
            negotiate end to Iran-Iraq War
1991 UNHCR est 750,000 Kurds fled to Iran and 280,000 to Turkey and 300,000
            on Iraq-Turkey border
1991 Baghdad accepted UN resolution 687 that said Iraq had to recognize Kuwait
            sovereignty and destroy WMD and missiles
2003 US marines joined US army in attacking Baghdad
2003 British forces entered Basra City during invasion Looting began in city
2003 US raided Salman Pak Claimed found foreign fighters there proving Iraq was
            connected to terrorism
2003 Thousands of foreign fighters had come to Iraq to defend against a western
            invasion Weren’t terrorists
2003 Tarqi Azziz said Saddam finally realized his end was near
2003 Pentagon told ORHA about replacements for its staff Asked when they would
            arrive Said hadn’t informed some of them yet
2003 Pentagon flew Chalabi and his Free Iraqi Forces into Nasiriya Rumsfeld wanted
            him flown to Baghdad but Gen Franks said no
2004 CPA Order 71 was to decentralize power to local councils
2004 Marine reinforcements arrived for Op Vigilant Resolve in Fallujah US forces
            attacked center of city
2004 Major fighting broke out in Ramadi during 1st battle of Fallujah 12 Marines
2004 Mahdi Army attacked Coalition forces in Amara Nasiriya Kut Karbala Najaf
2004 500 Japanese soldiers in Samawa Muthann told to halt work and retreat to camp
            out of fear of attacks by Mahdi Army
2004 Based upon Gen Taguba’s report US army handed down 6 reprimands and 2 relief
            of duties over Abu Ghraib prison scandal
2005 Talabani named president of Iraq, Mahdi and Yawar vice presidents in 1st post-03
            Iraqi govt
2006 Court documents showed that Cheney told aide to leak intelligence on Iraq trying
            to buy uranium from Niger to press to discredit Fmr Amb Wilson
2006 Prosecutor claimed Cheney’s Chief of Staff Libby’s leaks to press were part of
            campaign to discredit former Ambassador Wilson over Iraq-Niger story
 (Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2007 Op Black Eagle US and Polish forces fought Mahdi Army in Diwaniya
2008 ISF began setting up checkpoints to isolate Sadr City Led to gunbattle with
            Mahdi Army
2008 Maliki was organizing his own local militias in Baghdad to fight Mahdi Army
2008 Sadr said he might end ceasefire because govt campaign against Mahdi Army
            had not stopped
2008 Petraeus said Iran helping Mahdi Army in Basra
2008 Maliki said Mahdi Army needed to be disbanded if Sadrists wanted to run in
            2009 provincial elections
2008 Gunmen burned down Sadrist office in Hillah, Babil probably from Badr
2008 69 sheikhs signed pact to support govt, rejected violence in effort by Maliki to
            build up patronage amongst tribes
2009 Court issued arrest warrant for former head of Diyala council for stealing
            150 bil dinars
2009 Police raided 1st meeting of new Diyala council Claimed warrants for 3 members
            accused of supporting insurgency
2010 7 bombs in Baghdad destroyed 7 buildings and killed 35 over 100 wounded
2010 Dir of Central Organization for Statistics said 25% of Iraqis lived below
            poverty level
2011 Iraqi Assoc of Defending Journalists accused govt of cracking down on reporters
            trying to cover protests
2011 Change Islamic Union and Islamic Group said they wanted a transitional govt in
2012 Proposed national conference to deal with protests and problems with Maliki
            didn’t happen
2012 ISF closed off Tahrir Sq to try to stop protests
2013 Suicide bomber attacked political rally for provincial vote in Baquba killed 22
wounded more than 50
2013 Court issued arrest warrant for Finance Min Rafi Issawi on corruption
2014 2 ISI leaders killed fighting Ansar al-Sunna in Kirkuk
2014 ISI closed Fallujah Dam causing flooding
2015 MP said Hashd were looting in Tikrit after its liberation
2015 Abadi said 152 houses and shops burned in Tikrit but didn’t say by who
2015 3 Yazidi activists fled Kurdistan due to death threats from Kurdish officials
            Accused KDP
2016 Abadi’s nominee for Finance and Planning Minister withdrew his name
2016 Ruling parties said they would submit 3 candidates for new ministers to
            undermine Abadi’s candidates
2016 Supreme Council criticized Abadi for trying to determine new cabinet by himself

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