Wednesday, April 25, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Apr 25

1920 San Remo Agreement created British Mandate in Iraq France agreed to
            give up Mosul vilyat in return for oil concessions in Iraq
(Musings On Iraq article on how Mosul province became part of Iraq)
1929 Iran officially recognized Iraq as a country Hadn’t before due to complaints of
            mistreatment of Persians in Iraq
1991 Kurdish parties agreed to deal with Saddam including autonomy to end
            revolt after Gulf War
1991 Turkey told UN 30,000 Iraqi Kurds had entered Turkey in 2 days and 220,000
            were on there way as Kurdish uprising put down
1994 Iraqi govt announced completion of Mother of all Battles Irrigation Canal meant to
            drain southern marshes to drive out displaced and rebels
1995 Turkey’s Op Steel ended Withdrew 20,000 troops but left 15,000 in Kurdistan
1998 Was story that bin Laden sent delegation to Iraq for Saddam’s birthday and
            Uday agreed to train Al Qaeda Report false
2002 For Sec Straw said UK had to stand up to “bullies” like Saddam
2002 IAEA report that during inspections in 1990s Iraq’s nuclear program was
            dismantled and no ability to produce nuke material
2003 US arrested ex-Iraq Amb to Tunisia Farouk Hijazi who reportedly met with Al
            Qaeda in 90s and cited as proof of Iraq-Al Qaeda ties
2003 Bush said Iraq’s WMD were either hidden or were destroyed but US would find
2003 White House official told NY Times Iraq may not have had WMD just agents to
make them
2003 Only Iraqi policemen to help US in Fallujah executed outside his house
2003 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Franks said didn’t know how long it would take to
            rebuild and stabilize Iraq
2003 Iraqi opposition met in Madrid but failed to agree on an interim govt
2004 Marine generals met with Iraqis to discuss creating a Fallujah brigade after 1st
            battle of Fallujah
2005 Iraq Survey Group found Gulf War and UN sanctions destroyed Iraq’s WMD
            programs and Saddam didn’t try to rebuild them
2005 Iraq Survey Group found no evidence that Iraq’s WMD were sent to Syria
2005 White House said Iraq Survey Group found Saddam wanted WMD in the future
2006 Memo by Gen McCaffrey said that Iraqi army was making real progress but was
            badly equipped lacking armor air support etc
2006 Memo by Gen McCaffrey said Iraqi police heavily infiltrated by insurgents and
militias Said that Al Qeada in Iraq had been defeated as a strategic threat to the Iraqi govt
2008 Sadr said he was only opposed to US occupation not Maliki govt
2008 Report Badr and Mahdi Army setting up checkpoints and killing each other in
Qadisiyah and Baghdad
2008 Maliki said all parties supported his crackdown on Sadr and sign of reconciliation
2008 Maliki said if Sadr disarmed dropped politics turn in wanted militiamen would
stop Charge of Knights
2008 Fmr Under Sec of Def Feith said he warned of postwar chaos in Iraq but
            was ignored and Pentagon was on top of issue not State or CIA
2009 Gorran List founded by former PUK leader Mustafa
2009 Shiites protest in Khalis, Diyala claiming Baathists taking over new provincial
council after elections
2009 Arab tribes in Makhmour and Qaraj demanded Asayesh withdraw claiming
2010 Iraqi Airways flew to London for first time in 20 years
2010 Court upheld Accountability and Justice Comm banning 52 winning candidates
            for Baathist ties
2011 Maliki claimed power had been decentralized in response to national protests
2011 ISF tried to stop protesters from gathering in Mosul Led to clash killing 1
            demonstrator and wounding 9 others
2011 Protest in Ramadi demanding US withdrawal close secret prisons and stop
            Iranian influence in country
2011 Peshmerga Minister accused Kurdistan Islamic Group and Kurdistan Islamic
            Union of being saboteurs and fostering jihadists
2011 Kurdistan Islamic Union said KRG had cut its monthly budget
2011 Soldiers and KDP security got into shoot out in Kirkuk City after brother 12th Div
commander killed a taxi driver and was arrested
2011 Speaker Nujafi said Iraq didn’t need US troops anymore and any extension
            would have to go through parliament
2012 Accordance Front and Iraqiya threatened no confidence vote against Maliki unless
he followed Irbil power sharing agreement
2012 Pres Barzani said that unless Maliki shared power would be a revolt by
            other ruling parties Said Maliki was like a dictator
2013 Maliki gave TV speech saying security would be restored after ISF attack
            on Hawija protest site led to spike in violence
2013 Heavy fighting in Mosul 10 police and 31 insurgents killed
2014 Boko Haram pledged support to ISIS
2014 US sent intelligence officers to assist Iraq with fighting insurgency, started
            training Iraqi Special Forces in Jordan
2014 KRG offered North Oil Company to use its pipeline to Turkey
2014 Report that insurgents were split over whether to support elections or not
2015 Abadi said Hashd should include all Iraqis from all backgrounds
2015 Kudish Alliance said opposed National Guard in disputed areas because
            peshmerga could secure them
2015 Yazidi militia leader Haider Sesho said that Yazidis would form their own
            party in Sinjar and be independent of KDP
2015 IS took over army base in Thar Thar, Anbar 141 soldiers killed in fighting
2017 Turkey bombed PKK positions in Sinjar Ninewa

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