Thursday, April 19, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Apr 19

1916 German commander of the Ottoman forces in Mesopotamia Gen Goltz
            died of typhoid
1920 Start of San Remo meeting with Britain France Italy and Japan Decided on split
            up of Ottoman Empire and creation of Iraq
1922 Colonial Sec Churchill said King Feisal’s demand that mandate be dropped from        Iraq impossible under League of Nations that created mandate
(Musings On Iraq article on Churchill’s views on Mesopotamia)
1941 British 20th Inf Brigade finishes its landing in Basra and 7 planes flown into
            Habaniya airbase
1969 Iraq expelled Shiites claiming they were Iranians Backed Iran dissident groups
            Claimed Khuzistan due to Shah voiding 1937 Shatt al-Arab Treaty
1981 Revolutionary Command Council member Tariq Aziz said he hoped for better
            relations with US but skeptical it would happen
1983 Baath meeting in Amara over army desertions in southern Iraq Came up with
            military operation to arrest them
1990 White House rejected limiting high-tech exports to Iraq that could be used for
1990 Saddam met with Yasser Arafat and discussed retaliatory attacks upon Israel and
            US if Iraq was attacked
(Musings On Iraq article on Saddam’s motivation for threatening Israel before the Kuwait invasion)
2002 UK intel report Iraq not seen as a threat in Middle East except by Kuwait
2003 Protest in Baghdad’s Adhamiya against U.S. occupation
2003 Gen Mattis said that U.S. didn’t have enough troops to secure Iraq
2003 Turkey threatened to send troops if Kurds took over Kirkuk
2004 Marines and Fallujah leaders worked out deal for insurgents to turn over heavy
2005 Report US intel discussed what torture techniques they could use on Iraqi
            prisoners in Aug 03 including electrocution
2006 NGO Survey found 19,548 kidnappings from Jan to April 2006
2006 KRG parliament proposed creating Natural Resource Ministry to run region’s
            oil industry
2007 ISI announced that Abu Ayub al-Masri was War Minister
2008 Sadr said he would continue to fight US and Maliki until stopped operations
            against his group
2008 ISF took Sadr stronghold in Hayaniya, Basra Fighting in Nasiriya as well
2008 Al Qaeda’s Muhajir called on Sunni Iraqis to unite behind ISI
2010 State of Law called for revote after lost to Iraqiya Charged fraud but no
irregularities found
2011 Protest in Diwaniya over better work conditions broken up by police
2011 Sulaymaniya govt banned all demonstrations in city after protests broken up
            day before
2012 Anbar councilman said province would move towards federal region
2012 ISI set off car bombs in Baghdad Kirkuk Samarra Baquba, Dibis 35 killed
            more than 100 wounded
2012 After meeting Pres Barzani Turkish officials accused Maliki of spreading
2013 Checkpoint outside Hawija protest site attacked 1 soldier killed Led to stand
            off between 2 sides
2013 Hawija site was run by Naqshibandi that wanted to provoke confrontation with
            ISF to push demonstrators towards violence
2014 Head of Ninewa Operations Command accused of extorting money and arresting
            people for ransom
2014 Protest in Baghdad and other provinces for reform

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